Requires 1,531 Types Of Vehicles Without Entering The City

Hanoi City Police on September 14 said that from 11:00 on September 13-9 to 11:00 on September 14, 23 controls out, into the capital controlled 9,786 turns of vehicles, with 14,698 turns of people through the latch. Functional forces also require 1,531 types of vehicles without entering the city, 602 turns of vehicles not outside the city. The illustration. desk of districts; Detecting and handling administrative violations 51 cases, including 26 cases where there is no road paper. Analysis of 10,616 cases of road paper, paper according to the new form is 2,050 cases, the paper according to the old form is 8,566 cases

.Step 1: Visit
vn or directly download at the App Store or CH play.Step 2: After downloading, the application will require the history Use Bluetooth to record contact with other Bluezone installed users. If you haven't opened Bluetooth, drag the status notification bar and turn on Bluetooth; Or go to the installation, select Bluetooth and pop up. NEWS 3: After the installation is complete, click Scan around. If someone is near you under 2m has used Bluezone, the application will automatically identify these users and put it in contact list.

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