Requires Environmental Risk Management In Credit For Credit – Look From International Practice

With the arterial role of the economy, the bank contributes an important in promoting sustainable development; Impact on the environment through internal activities and external impacts through providing Minh's products and services, especially credit granting activities. Therefore, environmental risk management is a requested requirement to direct credit capital to environmentally friendly projects, promoting green manufacturing, service and consumer industries ... banking The State is getting the opinions of the people for the draft Circular guiding the implementation of environmental risk management in credit for credit institutions and foreign bank branches (referred to as credit institutions)

. In order to prepare content for the draft association with the fact, before the State Bank has issued Official Letter No. 3739 / NHNN-TD dated May 27, 2021 to 5 domestic commercial banks requesting coordination The case provides information on the implementation of environmental risk management in credit-granting activities. These are considered documents and information needed to support the State Bank to study and develop a draft Circular in accordance with the reality of banking activities in Vietnam
Strategies, evaluation, management and risk management RO Environment in credit-granting activities is a non-new request for credit institutions that have implemented green credit packages using capital from International Finance Company (IFC) or Global Climate Cooperation Fund (GCPF ). To sign cooperation and receive funding from IFC or GCPF, credit institutions must build and perfect environmental and social management systems (Environmental

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