Rescue The Stuck Turtle, The Girl Almost Fainted After Discovering The Mystery Below

'My heart seems to have jumped out of the chest when she discovered the creature below the turtle', the girl in the story of sharing.02: 00/2: 50 nam nuns that afternoon, Erin Rodriguez later The walk around the street with a newborn son, on the way home, it happened to catch a turtle stuck in the grid of the iron fence ranges. Rodriguez's living area is not rare When it happened, before, her hands once rescued a turtle in a similar situation. Therefore, when I caught this scene, Rodriguez did not hesitate to stand and help the turtle escape the scene. The turtle was stuck in the grid of the iron fence

. "When I approached, I saw my head and legs Front of the turtle is slightly entangled in the mesh of the fence. I don't think the turtle is completely stuck, if it is awake, just go back to get back. At that time, I think just push Lightly in the direction it is enough to help the turtle, "said Rodriguez
The stuck turtles seem to be the one previously to be helping, so it doesn't panic when someone walks to Which lies im expressing the trust attitude. For convenience of "virtual living", Rodriguez also takes pictures checked with her husband before shaking hands with the turtle. After shooting enough photos to show off to social networks, Rodriguez began to lift the turtle up and Drag it out of the fence. But unexpectedly, the girl realized the turtle was not lying there alone ... the bottom of the turtle was playing with because he was lifted from the ground as a huge snake. They under the turtle once A huge poisonous snake.Rodriguez was too careless when he caught glimpsing the status of the turtle without any care of it. It was out before being caught up in the fence, this turtle was seriously climbing on a very large poisonous snake that was located on the ground
"I immediately put the turtle on the ground and stepped back. Everyone has Imagine how shocked me, my heart stopped beating for a few seconds. Suddenly then I felt adrenaline in the body rising, there was something in my mind to tell me Rodriguez had to save a poor turtle, "said Rodriguez too fear, Rodriguez re-released the turtle on the ground. However, it is still possible to do the image for calm. The poisonous solid is still indifferent from being taking place around him and the turtle seems to be completely fine with itself, but reason The girl told the girl told that she tried to do everything that was more true than then to regret what hadn't done. Rodriguez is determined to implement the plan to rescue the turtle and take it away from the dangerous "friend", unfamiliar with. Finally, the turtle has been rescued and brought to a safe place. Go find a shovel With the intention to use it to lift the turtle and still keep the distance safe with the poisonous snake. But this time, perhaps the snake felt something unusual so he slowly walked away from the scene and pulled down a hole in the garden. Finally, the rescue took place smoothly, The turtle was taken to a safe, non-iron, non-conquered.

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