Rescuing The Dog Falling Into The Pond, The Man Witnessed An Unbelievable Scene When The Animal Was Picked Up

The man saw a small dog with the middle of the water, he picked up, where anyone would expect to be 1 'drama' Funny to go to 9: 00: 00/2: 59 nam dung to see The dog cries, came to wake up, the man hurriedly opened the door and frantically searched for a dazzling about 5 am one day in the first day of April this year, there was a Chinese man who was drunk, suddenly heard Asked by a puppy. But because it was half a half-province, the cry was weak, when he could not clear it, he thought perhaps her dream, and continued to fall asleep. However, after waking up, he woke up, he Knowing I didn't dream, it was true that there was a dog. Which seems to be of a puppy calling. So, the man opened the door, it witnessed an endangered scene right in front of him: a puppy fell into the water and was barking up antenna

. Falling into the water and was calling for help. Luckily the dog had swimped into the embankment so temporarily was not in danger. But because the water surface is far away from the ground, it cannot jump off her own
If for a long time, no one will dare to be sure. At that time, the man also realized there was another big dog on the shore, looking down at the puppy with under the water 1 settled. The big dog stands on the shore worrying down, where the puppy is chirping. So the man quickly finds tools to pick up the dog. Too too, in his house there is a homemade dandruff, made from a aluminum and 1 bamboo bar. Not hesitation, the man brought the dandruff to rescue the poor dog who didn't know if it was struggled under the pond from ever since. The man used a dandridge to scoop the dog on the shore. He let the puppy lying on the sidewalk in front of his house, taking some old clothes to keep it warm, giving it a comfortable stay after being exhausted because he had to wave in the country. When the man picked his puppy to the shore and then, he witnessed a "drama" extremely humorous and unbelievable family in the world of the human world. Run came to see the situation after the puppy fell into the water
Cash, the big yellow dog on the shore earlier was the mother of the puppy that fell into the water. It was followed by her child during the rescued time, and after knowing his son was taken on the shore, it quickly ran to see what his child's situation was. According to it as a father. Run to front, quickly licked the puppy's coat, then looked up at the man who saved it with anxious eyes, but it was very gentle, as if to bring thank him because he saved it The eyes and eyes are worried and known by the mother dog. While, the Dad also seemed to be impatient to see how it was, but then it stopped against the ballast of the mother dog. Mother: You look children Is that so? Dad: You go, okay? The mother dogs wanted to say: "I just ran out to get a drink, let me look, then let it fall into the pond. Why don't you fall? Is that child? ". Dog knew she was wrong, so I didn't dare to look at the mother's dog anymore, I turned away. "Is your fault, can you go, okay?", Dog silently thought. I was exhausted after the water waving under the water, now just lie still to listen to the mother dog "handle" her father. Without oan, because without this man, the real consequences no one dares to imagine. The man said that these are wild dogs living near his house. Although it is just an animal, they are very intelligent with deep affection. They are worried about their children, who rebukes his mate because they did not look after their children carefully, thank you for helping them, all that makes the man really happy and touched. /Law

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