Respect For Life

Avoid translation, the sister-in-law takes two children to their hometown with my family. Although we are sisters, we only meet on Tet anniversary and very little exposure to each other. Now the house, I think this is a chance for sisters to closer to each other to talk about the game.0: 00/2: 52 narrays illustrated. But left with my will, you all day sitting with the computer Portable, even the night too

. With children, she also proved cold and strict. They are gentle, heeling on time without anyone who has to call, self-cleaning, eating, playing together, until now, they don't do me like other children. Cooking, cleaning the house with me Nothing is struggling but she considered that the sister's job never touched
Occasionally, leaving the laptop to break, she went to the kitchen to pick up vegetables or made something, suggesting but she only answered gingerly. Really I am very uncomfortable.Nay the new day about, publicly and fairly, she gave me a maternal's mothers. I refused to say "the countryside is not" but she definitely caught it. I thought that she would have money with money. Her husband also avoided the translation. Unlike my wife, my husband said, or done, jokes with you, asking for your brothers and sisters, visiting neighbors, neighbors. Electric electric appliances dragged out repairs, shiny cleaning like new. Get the old power line, you buy a wire and replace the conductive system. Waiting for the cool weather forecast, during dinner announced tomorrow "cutting power" to repair
The wife fought: "Drawing things, I have to work, must have electricity". He didn't say anything. Then later, he "cut the power" but still had a separate power for his wife to work. The generator failed for a long time not used because the grid was rarely loss, he had overhauled again, exploding smoothly with the road here leading into her room, enough to run fan, wifi, computer ... wife By being enjoyed, nothing appreciated. Now I know your work is "writing software", although the translation, she also earns money. The neighbors also have a girl who misses it in the city about the countryside avoiding the translation. Her parents were equipped with a daughter for enough electricity but afraid of spending electricity, so I didn't use it, now the girl about to bring it out, it was broken. I have to help, restore from the refrigerator, microwave to the washing machine, air conditioner and wifi installation. I did it, I missed all dinner, my wife, to scold her husband, causing her neighbors very stunned. I suggested to her, so as a neighbor said that I despise them, jealousy. She said: "Shelf. Don't interfere with my husband and wife! "I complained to her husband. He was a serious person, but she said, but his wife and children were afraid. My children have grown up, have their own families, as a state officer but still afraid of a permission. He was very refined, seeming to read the thoughts of others and choose the right behavior, why did his brother have no one? When her husband has an accident itself is a blood donor, saving her husband, every night for months to take care of. He loved her husband but with another way she. So she didn't pay attention to what to do. Each person lives. Knowing respecting each other's way of life is all happy ".nhi

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