Responding To The World Health Weekend Day With Natural Activation Therapy 5 Main Factors Of Health

Responding to the World Health Weekend Day with natural activation therapy 5 main factors of health with air Wellness Wellness Weekend World Wellness Weekend (takes place from September 18-19), The Resort, Hotels in Fusion Hotel Group and Group of Group in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM will participate in the event to spread the spirit, encouraging people to promote the 5 main factors of health, including good sleep and creativity, nutrition and immunity, mobilization and vitality, mindfulness and mind Peace, goals and solidarity.Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion: In the 18th and 19/9/9/9/19, the resort was accompanied by 14 professional units in the field of sports and health care helping health events Vietnam's largest online, including Fitness, dances, yoga, meditation, natural energy activation exercises from inside the body, nutrition ..

. Fusion Resort Phu Quoc: The resort will hold the Practice Yoga, Meditation, Nidra Yoga, Tai Chi and Gas Cong through September 18. The first day of the day will take place at Maia Spa's green garden from 6 am, followed by Nidra Yoga practice at the gym at 15 pm to help relax the spirit and body, improve sleep. There are also practicing sessions, Tai-chi and gas took place to 19 pm on the same day
Fusion Suites Vung Tau will spread the spirit of healthy living in the locality with basic yoga tutorials, secrets Home fitness and spa therapist will introduce some body massage treatments that you easily do. At the same time, culinary experts will also guide the implementation of drinks that are good for health and uncommititive effects.Fusion Head Office: Employees of Fusion Hotel Group in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City will participate in breathing practices to be held online from 7 am on September 25. The rehearsation will be due to Nyoman Yastama - Spa and Wellness Director of Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion Guide, helping people focus on deep breathing and apply daily to get better, emotional balance and stress reduction. Edit: Nice Travel

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