Resuming Some International Routes On The Basis Of Disease Safety

From July to October 2021, Vietnam National Airlines (Vietnam Airlines) reopened international routes between Vietnam and some destinations in Asia, Europe and Australia in time to serve demand. Passengers, especially workers, international students who want to continue working, studying abroad and professionals who come to work in Vietnam <: 00/3: 04 nurses illustrated. (Photo: VNA) Currently, Vietnam Airlines is continuing to monitor the market to develop an appropriate exploitation plan in the next phase, ensuring the highest response requirements on prevention and combat and isolation capacity In the localities. Planning a plan to step by step to reopen international flight networks on the basis of ensuring epidemic safety, from April - 6/2021, Vietnam Airlines has exploited some one-way routes from Vietnam. Seoul (Korea), Tokyo (Japan) and Sydney (Australia)

. So far, in the context of many countries who have implemented vaccination vaccinations prevent Covid-19 on a large scale and are gradually testing open policies , Vietnam Airlines continues to expand international flights and is willing to exploit two-dimensional routes. The company simultaneously combines the transportation of goods on international passenger flights to optimize resources and increase revenue before the difficult situation due to Covid-19.the, Vietnam Airlines is expected to resume two lines Flying to Australia included between Ho Chi Minh City and Sydney from July 15 - October 30, between Ho Chi Minh City and Melbourne from July 20 - October 30
The departure schedule of flights from Ho Chi Minh City to Sydney is Thursday, weekly Sunday and afternoon on Tuesday, Saturday weekly; From Ho Chi Minh City to Melbourne is the third weekly and afternoon on Thursday every Thursday.For to the network to Europe, Vietnam Airlines reopened the route between Hanoi and Frankfurt (Germany), London (England). Specifically, flights from Hanoi to Frankfurt have scheduled flight schedules on July 25, July 28 and August 21; From Hanoi to London on August 13 and September 2. The opposite flights from Frankfurt to Hanoi are expected to depart on July 26, July 29 and 22; From London to Hanoi on August 14 and 03/9. In Asia, from July 17 - October 30, Vietnam Airlines exploited the route between Hanoi and Tokyo (Japan) on something 4, every Saturday. From August 1 - October 30, the company opened its route between Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok (Thailand) on Wednesday every week; Roads from Tokyo (Japan) to Ho Chi Minh City on Thursday weekly. All international flights during this period are implemented by Vietnam Airlines with two most modern wide-body aircraft streams Boeing 787 and Airbus A350 aims to bring a comfortable and comfortable experience for passengers, especially on long-distance flies to Europe and Australia.Vietnam Airlines Recommendations Passengers should find out carefully about the sale unit before trading to ensure to buy tickets at agents authorized by Vietnam Airlines, avoid buying price tickets, price lift tickets. For entry procedures, passengers need to actively refer to the provisions officially announced by the Embassy Countries to ensure the necessary documents and procedures. Particularly, flights from abroad to Vietnam, ticket agents can support passengers to synthesize and send dossiers to enter the entry procedures to authorities for approval

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