Reuters Photo Reporter Is Killed By Taliban, Savagely

Danish Siddiqui, Indian photojournalist working for his Reuters news agency was killed by the Taliban forces in a beat in Spin Boldak district last week.0 of 1: 00/1: 18 namthunes of journalism Siddiqui. Photo: Reutersahmad Lodin, a Afghanistan journalist and editor of Orband Weekly, said Siddiqui's body was not respected, divided into many pieces and then was moved to the Mirwais Hospital in Kandahar at 20:15 The evening 16 / 7. News of the Indian government confirmed that the Taliban handed over Siddiqui to the International Red Cross Committee.Siddiqui was in Afghanistan nearly a month and to Kandahar a week

. July 16, Siddiqui accompanied the convoy with Sediq Karzai, a special force member Afghanistan. National Special Security Forces (ANSF) participated in the effort to regain Boldak district from Taliban.Theo Lodin, both Siddiqui and Mr
Karzai were in the car when they stopped near the mountainous area. At that time, they were beatened and killed by the Taliban. Before that, Siddiqui announced Reuters that he was injured in his arms due to hitting the bullet when reporting on the war between the Taliban and Afghan forces. that he was not responsible for the death of the journalist Reuters, saying that they did not break out anyone because of the scene and said the journalist did not inform them when they came to the war zone. This Pulitzer is taken to India on July 18 and buried on the same day. Ocean / News News

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