Reuters: Vingroup Is Negotiating To Mobilize $ 1 Billion For Vinfast

According to Reuters, Vingroup is currently negotiating with investors, including the State Investment Fund of Qatar and Blackrock to mobilize about $ 1 billion for Vinfast. The capital mobilization is taking place when Vinfast is bet large Enter the US market with the expectation that electric cars SUV and a battery-lening model will be able to attract consumers to the competition of large automakers such as Tesla and General Motors. If successful, Vinfast has The ability to become the largest private capital mobilization deal in Vietnam, at the same time emphasizing the interest of investors in Southeast Asia but the giants call the car and delivered Grab and GOTO to mobilize billions of dollars. In the meantime, this capital mobilization also shows that electric vehicle projects are still a major attraction for investors. One of the sources said: "Electric cars are owners Title of the year and get huge attention from investors "

. The source said Vingroup is discussing capital mobilization before Vinfast. The potential in the United States can take place early next year. The sources also said that Vingroup can complete the earliest private capital mobilization agreement in the coming month
Vingroup is also negotiating with the Global Private Joint Stock Company. The source said that Vingroup is negotiating with Qatar Investment Authority (QIA), the State Investment Fund with a $ 300 billion asset size Diversify investments from the core markets of the US and Europe to Asia. Meanwhile, BlackRock is the world's largest asset management company. Division in November, Vinfast's CEO told Reuters that Vinfast was planning to list in the US within the next few years with aimed at Joining the growing list of tram starters companies have taken advantage of the enthusiasm of investors and successful capital mobilization.Hai source revealed with Reuters that Vinfast is following the previous plan to seal Listed through a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) or independent listing.Vinfast unveiled two multi-purpose electric sports cars, VF E35 and VF E36 at the Los Angeles auto show took place In November / 2021, Foreign Porch / According to foreign press

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