Reveal The Mu Team Under Ralf Rangnick

According to Daily Star, coach Ralf Rangnick is likely to apply the preferred 4-4-2 diagram after taking over MU. At that time, Ronaldo could pair with Greenwood on public goods and supported by Rashford with Sancho. Van de Beek is likely to be more frequently kicked. Master David de Gea still occupies the main arrest rates for the recent high-performance Harry Maguire guard, but still a key factor in rows The Red Miratile Playing Beside Maguire is definitely Raphael VaraneThe right-back role in the quadruple of Aaron Wan-Bissaka to the left will still be Luke Shawvan de Beek to push Paul Pogba on the bench to take the main stone rates My desire to pair with you is Fredjadon Sancho has been "carracked" and will be used more than Marcus Rashford very dangerous when being kicked by Greenwood's Leftness can be the top choice of the Rangnick coach in the 2 young striker's diagram of the young striker Greenwood is a great complement for Cristiano Ronaldo to scholarly expected under coach Ralf Rangnick, according to Daily Star.

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