Revealed After Seltos 2021 Hyundai Kona Challenge, Mazda Cx-3

Kia Seltos is the best-selling urban SUV model in Vietnam. With an additional upgrade of some equipment, Seltos 2021 is a major challenge for competitors <: 00/3: 27 South Korea in 2019, Kia arrives in the Indian market with the first product named Seltos. This turned out to be a successful formula, because the Class B SUV model quickly became a "hot" and continuously stood in the list of hot cars.Kia Seltos 2021 has just been revealed at the most premium version of Premium In Vietnam. So until July 2020, Kia Seltos launched the Vietnamese market

. But only after a year, Kia Seltos had an upgrade. Saying as an upgrade, but this sample is actually changing slightly by adding some equipment, the price of vehicles also increases compared to the previous. The other image SELTOS 2021 has just been revealed at the agent of the high-end version Most Premium
This SUV model possesses a more modern appearance thanks to the new logo. This will be upgraded THACO app on all versions in the future. New logo, the appearance of KIA SELTOS 2021 Nothing changes. Outside the car, in addition to changing with the new logo, appearance KIA SELTOS 2021 has nothing to change. This B-SUV still has full LED lamp system with new design, familiar tiger nose grille. 2-tone car body, 17-inch la-zang and LED taillights. Inside the drive, Kia Seltos 1.4 Deluxe is upgraded to the boot button system

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