Revealing A Few Songs Since Last Year, Da Lab Was Unexpectedly ‘row’ Mv ‘wake Up’ Combining Thuy Ngan

On the evening of 9/7, Da Lab officially released the audio teaser for the music product 'wake up' with the special involvement of actor Thuy Ngan.Da Lab once sighted 6 "heart" song of wake up The Loop Looping MV is released nearly a year ago. But the opposite comes with a quiet ballad melody in the demo, the 30-second Audio Teaser Audio of wake up with a fast rhythm, modern music colors and Getting tai.Teaser Audio wake up is the songs that describe the mood waiting for a guy's love. True to the common composite style of Lab leather, the song has a self-reliant lyrics, suggesting many pictures Photo

. Before that two days, Lab skin made fans enjoyed by funny comeback notifications on the street in Hanoi. Members of Lab Lab Self to drive themselves, standing on the sidewalk holding the announcement board calendars out MV wake up . The music product of Lab skin also has the participation of actress Thuy Ngan
Before that, she used to share the image of working in the studio with the same state is said to be c. Europe singing in the MV wake up: "If there is another reality, I want to be wake up with you. I will definitely not let me wait anymore ". The moves of Thuy Ngan and Da Lab make the audience curious whether the female voice in the product is the actor of the apple tree blooming? Share about Coastropy Cooperation with Da Lab, Thuy Ngan said: "Ngan heard and watched Lab leather products early. Hypocrisy received civilization, the age of the music and the value of the music It is not too difficult to make a decision to participate in the project. Hope the first combination between Thuy Ngan and Da Lab will be loved by the audience. "Before that, Da Lab was combined with many female voices And always successfully launched many new hits. From the tears I wiped with a new love with the participation of fairy hair, watching Europe Lo Lo with Miu Le or recently, Juky san's voice was in breathing. Leather Lab is expected to wake up into hit in the coming time. Currently, the girl participating in the group in this song is still hidden

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