Revealing Businesses And ‘bosses’ Behind Miss Thuy Tien

The backing unit, Miss Thuy Tien training is a golden lotus company holding a copyright of many beauty contests in Vietnam. 4/12, Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien has brought glory to Vietnam when officially posted Optical Miss Grand 2021 (Miss Peace World 2021). The onion with the success of Miss Thuy Tien has the support of Golden Lotus Advertising and Trading Co., Ltd. - units operating in the field of communication

. Nguyen urge the first melecology of international peace 2021. Photo: Phunguvietnamsen gold grasp the copyright of many beauty competitions in Vietnam Golden Advertising and Trading Co., Ltd
established in 2013, operating in many fields such as film production and TV shows, actual programs and Miss competitions. Golden Lotus company is known as a coordination unit with Tien Phong newspaper held a beautiful beauty contest for Miss Vietnam In 2014, 2016, 2018. After that, Golden Lotus coordinated with Elite Vietnam Company Established Entertainment Golden Lotus Joint Stock Company And officially holding copyrights of international beauty contest. Current, Golden Lotus holds 10 copyright of the big and most prestigious international beauty contest as: Miss World, Miss International Peace , Miss super national, Miss Asia Pacific ... Besides, Golden Lotus is also a management unit of many models, Miss is famous as Miss Tran Tieu Vy, Miss Do My Linh, A Hau Ngo Thanh Thanh Tu, My Huyen My ... Golden Lotus is also a unit who discovers the Mekong River Delta 2012 Dang Thu Thao and later Miss Vietnam 2012
Before Miss Peace World Thuy Tien, Golden Lotus also stood after support and advice to help many beautiful Vietnamese representatives in international competitions such as: Miss Do My Linh won the Miss World Affordable and Winning Head to Head Challenge at the meeting Miss World's largest test planet. Asia Vuong Thanh Tuyen is also the representative of Vietnam who achieved the best achievements at the Miss Asia Pacific contest with 2 communication runtures and evening dress runner. In the television segment, the golden lotus company stood after many gameshow Passenger as well as the duet, testing super child ... Notably, the Golden Lotus Company is also a unit producing the army apple program on THVL radio, which has caused a stir when inviting singer Dam Vinh Hung to play Ngoc Hoang for the Tet program 2022. "Miss" Miss Bonds behind the Golden Lotus Founder Golden Lotus Company is a businessman Pham Kim Dung - the character who is called "Missing" Miss.Theo introduced on Website company, Ms. Pham Kim Dung has come from a poor countryside, a difficult family. "The boss" Miss Pham Kim Dung. Photo: Golden Senngay from the first year of university, Ms. Pham Kim Dung soon started working together to earn money to work and accumulate work experience. She started with the market research staff. Through the initial difficulties, the student gradually promoted to many different positions within 8 years, before moving to a new working unit as Phu My Hung Real Estate Company. Then she decided Leave the job, separated to do it separately, sell a house to get capital to establish a golden lotus company. In the early days of establishment, the company with a scale of four employees but successfully bidding contracts to organize the beautiful cherry blossoms contest and successfully evaluated. There is also a head of PGM company specializing in content on telecommunications networks; Mai Vang Company film production; Golden sunshine company specializes in managing and training talent. Video "Thuy Tien National examination in Miss Grand International". Yellow lotus source

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