Revealing China’s Secret Unmanned Submarine Program

It seems that for many years, China has used unmanned submarines in the South China Sea to conduct spy and underwater monitoring activities. In December 2020, The Guardian reported that a Chinese underwater unmanned means of UUV was found near Selavar Island in South Sulawesi, Indonesia.0: 00/3: 33 Southern Unmanned Waterway Large Hsu001 of China. (Photo: Chinese media) China has developed underwater unmanned aircraft capable of identifying, monitoring and attacking enemy submarines without human intervention, according to South news China Morning Post. The development of unmanned submarines is part of a secret project that the details have been corrected last week

.Theo program funded by the Chinese military, the UUV has been tested at the waist Taiwanese sea in 2010. This is one of the first efforts of this country "simulating submarine monitoring and sinking when absolutely no people in the open environment", Professor Liang Guolong, of the Institute Research Chinese submarine, Harbin Technical University, said. According to researchers, unmanned submarines have been sent to patrols at a depth of 10 meters along a predetermined route
The newsletter does not provide a specific position or route of unmanned submarines, but the coordinates from the map in articles showing that submarines can operate near the coast of China's Fujian province or along the waist Taiwanese sea. At another location, the ability to fight the unmanned submarine has been checked after a submarine sound coming from a method n underwater. Researchers said that unmanned submarines moved in hexagons, using Sonar's ability to determine the location of the means of sounding the submarine. Guolong monks mentioned that the robots are not The driver has the ability to operate autonomously and may soon operate in groups, with appropriate technological advances. He added, in unmanned submarines, "all subsystems like collecting Information, objectives, evaluation, status and parameter control must be able to make completely independent decisions ". People believe that China is also studying to develop unmanned platforms such as floating ships, long-distance afilane, a research station on the bottom of the South China Sea is disputing. It seems that for many years, China has used unmanned submarines in the South China Sea is disputing to conduct the Occupation activities and underwater monitoring. In December 2020, The Guardian reported that a Chinese underwater unmanned means of UUV has been found near Selavar Island in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Indonesia military experts insisted that this is China's UUV Name Haiyi (Hai Du) or Sea Wing. Produced by Shenyang Automation Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sea Wing is said to be capable of collecting important data such as temperature, salinity, turbidity and oxygen levels of the country in real time
. Data collected from UUVs can be used for the operation of submarines. In the past two decades, China has invested heavily on developing unmanned submarines. In July 2018, the secret director of the Secret Program at Shenyang Automation Institute revealed a number of details about the 912 project using artificial intelligence (AI) to perform monitoring and mines and mines Attack, according to Military and Aerospace Electronics. Many experts believe that China is hoping to develop an independent submarine that supports AI, such as the vehicle moving under unmanned unmanned water (XLUUV) to fight The increasing presence of the US in Indian Ocean - Pacific.Sea Wing UUV is found by an Indonesian fisherman. (Twitter) In 2018, China was supposed to have revealed a plan to develop a underwater base, which includes independent submarines. Accordingly, unmanned submarine simulates who will perform monitoring tasks, download data collected, self-reload energy and return to the base of success.

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