Revealing Dating, Coc Gia Thanh Suspected To Say Bad Battleships, Wearing Rational Players?

'Lovers of summoning of private' Coc Gia Thanh just revealed dating 'stories like the story of the story' Tran Tieu Van was peeled with borrowing money, saying bad battlefights and bragging is familiar with DAY DOA.0: 00/2 : 02 Nou southern countries on July 13, Nam Chinh Oh TA - Coc Gia Thanh was released on dating with actress Tran Tieu Van - Female supply loyal to Chau Tan in as a story. Coc Gia Thanh was caught in dating Tran Tieu Van.After Coc Gia Thanh waso lovingly, a man claiming to be his ex-girlfriend posted the male septic actress. Girls claim to be an old girlfriend Family went out to peel off the male septic actress

. The citizen, this girl said, before the cup of the house was "half a real half-hearted" asked to borrow 100 thousand yuan (over 350 million VND) to buy Hot Search. Unexpected that some time later, the affection of the two true people was on Hot Search. Not only that, Coc Gia Thanh also implies her heat brush (relying on celebrities to catch attention)
Response to borrow money to buy Hot Search? Not all, this person also releases his message with a cup Family, in which Cup Gia Thanh has revealed fake warpapers, trying to build a warm man image. The fight was dragged into the story. Coc Gia Thanh asked a girl who had a man He was warm. The girlfriend answered was no, because the guy did not give her gifts on Valentine's Day. After that, the actor, the cup of Coc said: "The actual warm man doesn't feel warm himself, all the image, for example, some battle". Wan to hide the battle to build a warm man's image. This is criticized by Netizen by Netizen when he referred to such a battle, but the two people are also the general brother of X Nine Youth Union ( Also known as X Nine). She also released the image of the family Message to go to play with the same reason. In addition to the girl claiming to be the old love for him, he liked to lie, bragging Trust friend of the current reason. Coc Gia Thanh said reason why he lived downstairs and he often came to the house to play
However, this girl knew the current reason and truted confirmed with the male stroke and he affirmed that it was not familiar with the cleeper. But through confirmation, the actor did not get used to the cup. Even so many people suspect the authenticity of the messages she claimed to be the old lover of Coc Gia Thanh launched. Netizen continues to look forward to the next, clear and reliable evidence. However, in front of this "seal" of the old love, the image of Coc Gia Thanh also chipped less. However, the allegations of Coc Gia Thanh still have not been authentic. There is any move before the allegation and lie this .ilu

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