Revealing Jimin’s Rare Image (former Aoa Member) After 1 Year Hidden Because Scandal Bullying

This image causes many people to be worried about her health. Jimin story - The former team leader AoA bullying members of the group is Kwon Mina for 10 years who have received the attention of netizens throughout 1 this year. Earlier, Jimin received a series of criticism because of Mina's spiritual violence for a long time, so that she declared to leave the group and retired. However, recently, many people realized Mina seemed "Inflating" everything up and put everything too far: She often mentioned Jimin to treat me badly but didn't give specific evidence. At the same time, Mina's blazes like twisting elite, smoking in the hotel

... made her gradually lose public sympathy
Along with many other evidence from Fan Aoa and recently a 128-minute conversation, revealing all what Mina and Jimin told each other in July 2020 that showed the truth about the story. Netizens have simultaneously "spinning", do not defend Mina but switch to finding the current information and situation of Jimin. Nearby, a netizen claiming to be Jimin's neighbor posted on the show Online flock and share about the current life of former AOA member. "I live with the building with Jimin, sometimes I find her to take the dog for a walk. I hope in the future she can go out with more confident style. "As a jimin is having a quiet and self-contained life. This person shared: "I can't see the face clearly because she always wears a mask and wearing a hat, but I still realize it's Jimin. I don't know if she is even thin, because she was very thin before before. I was a bit unfortunate because she always bowed when she went out "there, there was an additional netizen who met Jimin and Seolhyun to go out together, even show the photo of the duo. "Last June, I saw Jimin and Seolhyun to watch a photo exhibition
Jimin skinny but looked very fresh." Known, this is a photo exhibition organized by musician Lee Sang Soon - singer Lee Hyori.Jimin and Seolhyun are very close friends. Before this information, many netizens comment: - Seolhyun Be a true friend, at your side at the beginning of the most difficult. - Happy is that Seolhyun is still beside Jimin. No matter how much Jimin is hated, Seolhyun still makes you with her, real ... If I'm Seolhyun, I will be cursed by the comments to make fatigue and far away from Jimin. Jimin's green straps, skinny ... but anyway was relieved to see her laughing like that. - Looking at the situation, Jimin couldn't reach them first. It seems that a big artist like Lee Hyori has immediately contacted. Cheering Jimin with such actions will add strength to her.

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