Revealing Mitsubishi Outlander Strange In Vietnam: Current Design But Many Safe Equipment Are Added

It is likely that this will be the last upgrade version before the new Mitsubishi Outlander generation is carried about the country.0: 00/2: 32 nam nam new here, on social networks have appeared a mysterious Mitsubishi Outlander image In Vietnam, it is said that the new version will launch the domestic market in the future. Through the images posted, this model has many new points about equipment as well as tweaking the design compared to the open version. The head of the car has a few small changes like the redesigned fog lights With the surrounded chrome border, it is likely to be LED. Fronting bumperations are also added 4 easier parking sensors

. In addition, the car still uses the "FULL" LED headlight cluster like the current 2.0 Premium version.Sang to the hips, the difference is easy to see including a new multi-spoke tray, black plastic tiles in the area This door is co-colored with the body
And yet, the tail section also has the same design. In general, the exterior of the Mitsubishi Outlander in the same article with a hybrid gasoline version (PHEV) in the foreign market, except without the "EV" logo on the side. The interior of the Mitsubishi Outlander on still Maintain the design as the current version. The new point is easy to see that the skin on the door is embroidered. In addition, the entertainment screen of the car has not been installed but it can be seen in a rather large size, equivalent to the 8-inch curtain size as the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2021. That's most likely The center screen of the new version will also be upgraded. Also, the key sequence click on the right area The steering wheel is also added, including the lane deviation warning system, an upgrade point compared to the session The village is selling. The key of the 4-wheel drive system set at the central pedestal also added the symbol "S-AWC" (Super-All Wheel Control), this is Mitsubishi's 4-wheel drive system developed with 4 modes including AWC ECO (only running a front bridge), Normal (4 normal wheels), Snow (4-wheel drive on the snow line) and Lock (4-wheel drive and differential locks). The mysterious key with the symbol is quite similar to the system The warning system deviaes the S-AWC drive system is a new point on this Mitsubishi Outlander. Press key in front of the cup container is on / off blind spot warning
Electronic hand brakes and heating seats are still maintained. Unknown The Mysterious Mitsubishi Outlander is equipped with any kind of engine but will likely be the only 2.4-liter air smoking only by Mitsubishi Vietnam Equipped with a 2-bridge drive system on this version. The 2.0-liter engine version instructs ahead of the previous bridge. The 2.4-liter motor on Mitsubishi Outlander gives a capacity of 165 horsepower and 222 nm torque. Combined with it is an indefinite automatic transmission (CVT).

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