Revealing More Ford Ecosport 2022 Images

Earlier, a photo of the new Ford Ecosport 2022 appeared in December 2020.0p2: 00/1: 37 NAMTUAL NETTICS, recently had more trial images of this model on India streets. The whole image of the front and rear of the car is revealed without any shielding. From the capture image, it can be seen that Ford Ecosport has a front octagonal retreat, bringing fresh feeling Newer for front appearance of urban SUVs. The grille is also black painted to provide a feeling of sporting with some detailed chrome plating in addition to the high-end advancement

. Another upgrade for the new Ford Ecosport is the LED daytime lamp cluster as the reverse side Edge with fake wind holes. This creates a highlight for the car head. Besides, these lamp clusters can also customize the function into a turn-free cluster when needed
The headlights are quite similar to the old version and on the high-end versions that may be full LED. Newly designed alloy wheels bring more sporting feelings. Behind Ford Ecosport Facelift is still a familiar image because there is no change. Prord Ecosport is rated as a beautifully designed car. However, the existing generation of Ecosport has long had no change so gradually became backward compared to the opponents. Perhaps this is the cause of Ford to bring a new upgrade version to the SUV. In addition to some changes in design, the new Ecosport will have more changes on the features. In Vietnam, Ford Ecosport has been a model dominating the segment. However, after many new products joined like Kia Seltos, Hyundai Kona, Ecosport's position also gradually lost. In July, Ecosport's sales only had 59 cars sold
By Tu Vu, 43 minutes ago

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