Revealing Secrets To Own Pink White Skin, Younger Than A Dozen Years Old Of Japanese Women

Rice is a perfect beauty product for women's skin. Rice beans can be used to remove and remove dead cells, while rice water helps to regenerate and firm DA.02: 00/2: 45 male nasty people admire the beauty with bright skin with mold The face is always younger than the age of Japanese women and also considers it as a miracle. All we can make their face bright and rejuvenate like Japanese with a simple and simple beauty measure From rice. Học Illustration

. Amazing benefits of rice for face skin Many women do not spend money for cosmetics, creams and other skin care methods. Interesting things in all sectors Cosmetics industry is that they use natural ingredients available around us. There are many skin care products but usually we just try some creams throughout their lives, depending on the age and needs of themselves
We have heard many great effects of butter, grapes And aloe against skin care but today we want to introduce something that you can never think about is rice. This is a very popular, familiar beauty traditional raw material for sub- Japanese female. Let's learn and explore the benefits of rice. - Rice contains a lot of nutrients very well for our skin. In rice seeds there is a component called inositol very effectively in helping to slow down aging by promoting blood circulation and has many benefits of skin beauty .- Do very rich in vitamin B good for skin care, Hair, nails ..., rice stimulates skin regeneration, contributing to softening skin and increasing skin firmness. - Domestic rice containing hydrate enhances natural regeneration process for skin
-- Rice has an effective anti-wrinkle effect. As mentioned above, the secret of rice to rejuvenate the face in Inositol components. Inositol can help fight wrinkles and stimulate facial circulation. - Rice is a great material to exfoliate. In the grain of rice containing phytic acid capable of removing dead skin cells, helping to rejuvenate faces. - Rice is an ideal product to clean skin and remove acne. Younger than a dozen-year-olds with many vitamins and properties that help rejuvenate the skin, so you should try to apply this beauty measure at least twice a week. This is an easy and economical way to get all Excellent benefits from rice. Components: - 3 tablespoons of rice water. Make sure it is real rice, no pesticides or chemicals to ensure your skin enjoys all the benefits from rice. - 1.5 spoons of distilled water. - 2 tablespoons of crushed butter. Half a spoon of honey. He did: - First of all, boil rice like cooking rice and separated water from the rice. Retain the whole water and residue. - Mix rice residue with butter, honey and distilled water - then apply the mixture on the face to wet and leave at least within 15 to 20 minutes. - then use cotton toothpicks To remove it and wash your face with rice water before you have retained. This way, you will exfoliate, clean and help rejuvenate the skin effectively. Moc Tea / VietQ

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