Revealing The Actual Image Of Kia Carnival Is About To Debut In Vietnam

The actual images of Kia Carnival 2022 have been shared by a number of salespeople and agents shared and said the vehicle was taken in the factory area.0: 00/3: 39 male domains launched the other car carnival 2022 No longer and recently, some salespeople at the other agents shared the actual photos of this model on the campus of the factory. Kia Carnival 2022 in Vietnam shooting in the factory Shared with the other employee Pham Van Dong said, on October 9, this model will be present at the agent so that customers come to see and try ahead. However, according to the shared image, the other model carnival 2022 Still use the old logo instead of a new logo as the new K3 model launched. It is likely that this model is a test car, so it still uses the old logo and commercial vehicle to customers will be replaced with a new logo to sync with other products such as K3 and Seltos

.pret, information about the page Being and the selling price of this model has been revealed by agents and salespeople. Specifically, Kia Carnival will be sold with 5 versions in Vietnam. However, instead of a new logo, this car still uses the old brand logo, most likely this is a test car model in that there are 4 Version uses oil engines and 1 gasoline version
Selling cars ranging from 1,199 to 1,839 billion VND depending on the version. Kia Carnival 3.5G Signature (7 seats) using gasoline engines will have the highest selling price. Besides according to sales consultancy, customers who place cars will be donated to 1-year car insurance worth 20 million Dong. According to the salesperson, Kia Carnival 2022 will dock the other agents in Vietnam on 9/10 to the standards on the other carnival (Luxury 8 seats) that can be mentioned as LED headlights, LED running day, auto headlights, 19-inch trays, halogen taillights, hip doors and electrical trunks, leather seats, electrical driving chairs, boots with integrated remote boot button, automatic air conditioner, wind door row chair 3, 4.2 inch information screen, 8-inch entertainment screen, 6 speakers. Standard safety equipment can be mentioned as electronic balance, 7 airbags, rear sensors, back cameras , cruise control, electronic hand brake and tire pressure sensor.khoang interior carnival 2022 advanced version rather than premium (8 seats) added post lights, driving chairs remember position, extra chair Power correction, rearview mirror Automatic dazzling, wireless charging, wireless charging, digital switch knob, heating and ventilation front seats, leisure screen size 12.3 inch larger, 12.3 inch information screen
Safe is added compared to the Luxury front / back sensor, Camera 360 and displays blind scores. 7-seat Premium version has more equipment than Premium version of 8 seats including premium 2 seats with calculation Function of lifting, lowering, adjusting electricity, cornering cushions, heating, ventilation, remembering positions. There are a total of 5 versions of Kia Carnival 2022 provided in the most classified Vietcao market as the Signature version. Compared with Premium 7 seats with additional equipment including smart adaptation LEDs, sunroofers, sound system upgrade to type 12 Bose speakers, steering wheels. Safe technologies are all like Premium version, but supplemented with lane retention support, support to avoid front collisions and adaptive journey control. About motor, oil version used 2.2L (199 horsepower) engine Attach 8-speed automatic number. While the gasoline is the type of 3.5L capacity of 268 horsepower with 8-speed automatic number. The gasoline version will only have only Signature versions, with equipment equivalent to the Signature oil version. Add some actual photos of Kia Carnival 2022 in Vietnam: Understand Lam

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