Revealing The Behind-the-scenes Image Of Duong Mich, The Arms When Driving Is Surprised

Coming to the 'Holy Soi' 'association,' owl eyes' must be disappointed when zooming close-up of real body of Dan Duong Mathine Primary.0: 00/2: 11 namduong nam this year has entered the age of 34 and Still keeping her popularity in Chinese stars. Beauty works art from new days to 4 with a small daughter's role in the martial arts movie. Since then, Duong Mich has been known through many dramas with a pretty number of hands, averaging every year one to two movies.Tuy acting in some films are also controversial but immutable beauty Over time of mother 1 child is no one denies

. Every time it appears in a certain event, the U35 makes the media a surrounding of their appearance. Recently, a set of backstage photos was taken when she participated in filming escaping from the fever fever throughout the central social network. Mother 1 child after how much tongue of marriage still caused people to look "stand pictures" With his heart-sharp
She possesses a high-rise nose with white skin. Because of his youthfulness, when he wore a black set, Duong Mich did not have a bit of age. Theat knew how to show off the appearance of appearance, Duong Mich impressed with the picture of a young female. A shirt with a three-hole shirt killed, the beauty of Trung was impressed by a slender biceps. In the movements of swinging drumsticks, it must use the strong force that her arms still hold a strong, slender. Usually, the maternal-aged women often have a lot of excess fat in the back arm and around the armpits. But in the arms of Duong Mich, it seems that excess fat doesn't have a door. More notably, when using strong force, her biceps did not suffer from a status "on mice" as many people still suffered. In the shots swing the wire action too, her arms shouted slim , very beautiful. If many other beauties are often easily peeled by the body's truthlessness in backstage shootings, the flow of flowers challenge all
Beautiful with a terrible round, a long slender legs on the score 10. It's just that people look at her arm and until the close-up zoom cannot peel off any point. Slim, slender shape, no muscle lecture, toned according to the training style. Because of hardworking movies that Duong Mich always consciously shape by strictly controlling calorie sources in loading into the body every day. In the diet menu of Duong Mich, she applies the mode including a lot of food Contains high protein content. This will help the body no longer and will therefore support additional nutrients needed for the body to further reduce the number of foods will be loaded. The food of her little Lowcarb. She limited starch, enhancing eating lots of green vegetables. Of course, meat is an indispensable thing in every meal to help the body keep lean (dry fat). To hold the shape, actress fast breakfast, only eat at noon and dinner. During weight loss, slipping is not good. But if it comes to reducing the total calorie during the day, leaving breakfast will help reduce a large amount. There are a few studies that say that breakfast does not affect too much health, as long as do not let the body be hungry. If you don't see hunger, it means that your body balances very well. Because of absorbing fat through oil, fat, she uses avocado - a kind of good fat. Every meal, the flow of flowers only eat enough, don't eat too much. Beautiful people choose a walk or run to burn body fat. Perhaps due to often have to go to gentle, fragile roles that beautiful people also choose suitable sports.

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