Revealing The Charity Of The Oldest Wife Of The Richest Person On The Planet

Ms Mackenzie Scott, ex-wife of Jeff Bezos billionaire has donated at least $ 4.3 billion for charity, but her other activities are still in mystery.0: 00/2: 40Nain That, the oldest wife of the richest man on the planet Jeff Bezos declined to comment on donations in any form. Bloomberg categorized 375 sponsors with a total value of 4.3 billion USD

. When divorced Mr. Bezos in 2019, she owned Amazon's shares worth to $ 36 billion. Soon after, she signed the "oath" promised to raise most of the money in life or after death through a will
At the recent period, she and her new husband, scientific teachers from Seattle, Dan Jewett donated to charitable organizations a total of 58 billion USD. Mackenzie Scott billionaire, ex-wife of Amazon founder - Jeff Bezos. (Photo: AP) Up to now, a total of 786 Ms. Scott's donations are known. At the same time, 411 recipients do not disclose the support amount. Many of them are small organizations that are unable to attract great donors. Recipients who donate fear that other donors can send their money elsewhere if they discover a large amount of money. However, only one of the 270 people answered the Bloomberg survey said funds fell after Ms. Scott donated. Not like other famous billionaire philanthropists, Ms
Scott donated Many different areas. Ms. Scott's money was used to solve the most urgent issues at the moment. Therefore, after the death of the skin of the George Floyd season by 2020, out of $ 1.7 billion, nearly 1/3 was sent to the organization struggle for equal racials. In addition, more than 1,6 USD has been transferred to non-profit education organizations, colleges and universities, in which most of the money are for the educational institutions and the Spanish season. Mackenzie Scott is known Come as a novelist, a charitable home and professional. By April 2021, her total assets were up to $ 61.4 billion and helped her become the richest 3rd woman in the world. She was also present on the list of the richest individuals in the world with No. 21. Only 2020, Ms. Scott donated more than 5.8 billion USD for charity organizations. New, sharing about Quan Points of charity on the personal page, Ms. Scott (51 years old) said she wanted to reduce public opinion to reduce the focus on charity people to give good interest to others. "People struggle against progress The inequality deserves to be the center in the story of the change they are creating more ", Ms. Scott said. Take a charity with a huge amount of money but did not create a volunteer Her own. However, this also causes many people to call for women to be more transparent in charity as well as how to choose a reputation to donate. Binh Binh (Translation)

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