Revealing The Interior Image Vinfast Vf E34

Some images that appear on social networks Recently showed the interior of Vinfast VF E34 electric vehicle in Vietnam, the internal design was relatively similar to the previously announced company. In: 00/1: 56 Southern / recently, on social networks spread the interior photo of Vinfast VF E34 running electricity when this car appears at a border gate. Through the image, it can be seen that the cavity of the Vietnamese electric car model is identical to the image that Vinfast announced earlier. Some pictures appeared on social networks recently showed the interior of Vinfast VF E34 electric cars. In Vietnam

. In the driver area, customers will have a steering wheel shape D-Cut, then a digital screen clock table. The central entertainment screen is designed with a vertical 10-inch size. The bottom of the screen is needed to type the knob
A detailed information on social networks is highly appreciated by Vinfast VF E34 electric cars equipped with the rear wind door. From the first announcement in March this year, the VF E34 is completely new This only vinfast announced images and several specifications. A few weeks ago, this car also revealed real images while being tested, however the car was covered with the exterior section. Many virtual assistant capabilities will appear on the E34 electric car model. Very possible These new interior images that appear this time is part of the previously shared test car. Since this is a test car, some details will be different from the last car sold. This also said it is planning to announce the full car in the future. In addition, the completion of production and delivery to customers will be made in accordance with the plan in November. Since the introduction, the company has applied a number of incentives for vehicle-booking customers and to July Vinfast Dad already has about 25,000 orders.VF E34 is one of the first cars in Vietnam using the main energy source from the power
In the last week, a video is also shared on social networks, showing a sample Vinfast cars are being tested with voice control with virtual assistant. It is likely that virtual assistant will appear on E34 electric car model.

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