Revealing The New Lexus Lx Generation With Hole Grille

On the completely new version, Lexus LX may have no longer named 570s due to switching to a 3.5L V6 engine, instead of V8 5.7L as before.0 of: 00/1: 35 men in the pictures Leaks, Russian's news page recently posted the first design sketch of the completely new generation Lexus LX car, there are many similarities with Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series just launched

.Exus LX New generation according to the sketch image of Kolesa.Ruction 2 This models are developed on a chassis platform / motor. About the appearance, the front of the new Lexus LX generation with huge grille, shift -Lexus's characteristic hourglass shape
Besides, the lighting headlights are thinning with the gambling lights. The showing more elegant and the glass glass is refined in the form of a new style of Lexus LX new generation. With the LED bar running horizontally of the car trunk cap. In the back, the LED taillight combined with the LED bar running along the horizontal of the car trunk cover, similar to Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series, Lexus LX The new generation will use standard V6 3.5L type engine, producing a capacity of 409 horsepower and 650 nm torque, instead of V8 5.7L. This is also unresponsive to question Lexus LX will not And the line named LX 570, which will replace with a new line of name. In addition, the new Lexus LX generation is expected to have a high version with hybrid engine configuration, producing 480 horsepower capacity and 870 nm Torque, most likely to name LX 750h.

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