Revealing The Price Of Iphone 13, Apple Makes Users ‘painful Pain’ Like The Previous Generation?

More than 2 months have been released but the details of the same price of the iPhone 13 have leaked throughout the forums. Not out of anticipation, Apple's new generation of phone still causes users' Painful. The machine has a 5.4-inch screen size, dual camera, the highest memory of 256 GB, unknown RAM parameters. Especially iPhone 13 Mini will have battery capacity of 2,406 mAh, higher than battery of iPhone 12 mini with capacity 2,227 mAh

. IPhone 13 is priced at 799 USD (VND 18 million), 6.1-inch screen, dual camera, maximum memory 256 GB. 3,085 mAh capacity battery, higher than 2,815 mAh of iPhone 12
Iphone 13 Pro has a starting price from 999 USD (VND 23 million), 6.1-inch screen, three lens and lidar camera, memory 512 GB.Gia iPhone 13 Pro Max From $ 1,099 6.7 inch screen, also uses technology Promotion. The machine has a three-lens camera with Lidar.iphone 13 Pro MAX with 512 GB memory and 4.352 mAh battery, much higher than the 3,687 mAh on iPhone 12. The expected iPhone 13 is almost no change Compared to the iPhone 12 new time launched. This is a high-end phone line so it is not strange when it makes users quite "painful pain" and must consider when buying. Nearly based on supply chain information, Economic Daily News claims Apple will launch The iPhone 2021 is called "iPhone 13" when released at the end of September
This is not long, Sonny Dickson, who has revealed many accurate information about the iPhone has posted a model image of 4 iPhone 13 And said the model of the iPhone 13 Pro MAX is slightly larger than the iPhone 12 Pro MAX. Besides, Apple will change the camera cluster design on two successive versions of iPhone 12 and 12 mini. Specifically, the 2 lenses of the machine will be placed over the corner, instead of aligning as the present. Some information also said the upcoming iPhone 13 series will come with a wireless charging coil larger than the iPhone 12, yes Can provide wireless recording as well as faster charging time. Larger wires will increase the surface area of the area used for wireless charging to help bring some benefits to users, including help Heat management iPhone accumulates from components easier as well as permission to use higher capacity. The size of the charging coil can also allow iPhone rechargeable other devices in wireless charging mode. This can help iPhone recharge products such as airpods wireless charging boxes from the back of the iPhone. You can watch the video: iPhone 13 trailer - Applete content (T.H)

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