Revealing The Property Of ‘tycoon’ Masayoshi Son – President Of Softbank Group Named In Pandora Tax Evasion Profile

It is known that the leak material named 'Pandora Papers' has exposed underground assets of many people of the elite in the world. Among them, more than 1,000 Japanese companies and individuals include the President and CEO of Softbank Group Corp. - Masayoshi Son. Specifically, the Pandora document accuses Mr. Masayoshi with tax evasion by buying a machine Jet for business purposes around 2014 through a business formed in 2009 in Cayman Islands - A British Territory is considered tax paradise

. The plane owns are transferred to a public US trusty company and lipstick paid when using aircraft based on lease contract. JAPANESE BY MASAYOSHI SON - Photo: Bloomberg Legal and financial experts said, a person can reduce taxable income tax By paying the use fee of this plane even if it is owned by their own allegations, Softbank Group quickly spent denying. The spokesman for Japanese telecommunications enterprises informed that the company in Cayman Islands is a subsidiary of a Japanese company due to lipsticks and leasing contracts that do not constitute tax evasion
It is known The document in Pandora records is a source of leaks from 11.9 million confidential documents from 14 different financial and legal service firms that the international investigation journalist (ICIJ) is available. ICIJ believes that this document number "provides an extensive look at an industry that supports super rich government officials, many power and essence gender hid thousands of billions of dollars before tax and public agencies Element ". Pandora documentation when launched has immediately caused" turbulence "on many newspapers, news and forum pages in the world. This is considered a global-scale press cooperation project by the participation of more than 600 journalists from 150 press agencies of 117 countries. More than 330 politicians, 130 billionaires Forbes and many stars, scammers, drug bosses, royal members and heads of religious groups in more than 90 countries and territories named on the listings list This profile. They take advantage of tax paradise and financial security policies to buy real estate, conceal property and tax evasion. Billionaire Masayoshi Son, there are a few other notable names like Takeo Hirata, former leadership The Secretariat in charge of Broadcasting the Tokyo and Paralympic Olympics or George Hara, an adventurous technology investor, has been a special advisor for the Japanese cabinet office. Both are related to dodging taxes and possessing underground properties in the Virgin Islands. Virgin Masayoshi Son, who created a famous billionaire REAL TIME statistics of Forbes, the head of SoftBank currently owns a solution Price of 27
5 billion USD and ranked third in the list of the rich people with Japan. I was born in 1957 in a migrant family at the island of Kyushu, Japan. As soon as he was immature, he boldly came to San Francisco (USA) to continue the high school program after hearing the words from the founder of McDonald's Japan Den Fujita - one of the people he considered that idol. , he attended the California University of Computer and Economics in Berkeley. He started his career when he was less than 21 years old when he sold the first company with a multilingual translation machine for Sharp for about 1 million USD. In the 80s of the last century, Mr. Masayoshi founded Softbank Familiar until the present. Starting is a software distribution company and personal computers with the 2 employees in the cramped apartment in Tokyo (Japan). Favorable business, he began to expand its investment in the telecommunication network and began to reap impressive achievements. But the billionaires and Softbank are currently famous by the investments in many small start-up companies in the world. In 2000, grasping the trend of booming technology, Masayoshi Son spent tens of billions USD invested more than 800 startups with the desire to create a multi-industry multi-industry "digital era" in Japan. However, most of these startups fail. His property then "evaporated" to over 70 billion USD. Even this man also suffered from Japanese media for von as the "most black billionaire in the world" when there was a period of Softbank's capitalization of 180 billion USD evaporated with $ 2.5 billion due to the market. Stocks fell sharply. However, Japanese billionaires were familiar with ups and downs. In difficult days, he invested $ 20 million in Alibaba company of Jack Ma billionaire, when the company was also a website that no one knew. And then in September 2014, Alibaba caused the world with the IPO deal to mobilize $ 25 billion. Thanks to early investment in Alibaba, Softbank profit is about 4.6 billion USD. Softbank gradually recovered and became one of Japan's largest telecommunications and internet groups. In all investments ever, Mr. Masayoshi Son always holds a philosophy that is looking for strengtheners Large suck and give them what they need. He used to bet

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