Revealing The Reasons For Apple Car Technical Manager

According to CNBC Report, Michael Schwekutsch, Technical Director of Apple Car Project has left Apple to join Archer, a Flying Taxi Flying Taxi company.Audio article specializes in manufacturing templates Electric flying taxis, can take off and landing vertically. Purpose To transport passengers on short roads, limit traffic traffic status, noise and emissions of cars using traditional fuels. Currently in the market, there are also a number of companies involved in This field, for example, Lilium, Joby Aviation and Archer.maker are Archer's first flying taxi with a maximum speed of 240 kilometers / hour moving up to 100 kilometers

. Currently Maker can only carry a passenger and a driver, the company is actively working to produce a version that can carry 4 passengers. Maker is the first flying taxi model of Archer. Photo: Archerarcher aims to exploit aerial transport service in the city in Los Angeles if their aircraft is licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration for commercial purposes
Apple Car project has become the door Turning around the engineers for many years. It seems that every time Apple hires a new engineer for the project, there is another person who left the company. Before that, Apple hired former Tesla's Autopilot software director - Christopher Moore to promote self-driving cars .Autopilot understands simply automatic steering system, used on vehicles, airplanes, ships ... without the driver. When you work at Tesla, Christopher Moore has repeatedly controversy and rejects CEO ELON Musk statement on Autopilot's performance. For example, Moore said that the statement of Musk when talking about Tesla cars can reach the 4-level autonomy within a few years is is said to be looking for partners assembling and producing batteries for Apple Car
Many rumors believe that Foxconn (iPhone assembly) will continue to cooperate with the company in the field of automobile manufacturing. It is expected that Apple Car will appear earliest in 2025.

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