Revealing The Word Harry Told William As Small As The Future Forecast, Princess Diana Was Shocked

A former bodyguard of the royal family has just revealed that, a small, the prince Harry once frustrated to his brother a sentence made in princess Diana also shocked, and as if forecasting the rift later. Two brothers. The lovers of both Brothers Prince William and Harry must be unhappy when their close affairs were not as old. Even some researchers of the royal family also call it "classic clash" between "successors and supplementers". Then, have just had a revealed about what Harry told William from the small day, like "forecast" the cracked rift later

.ong Ken Wharfe, the former bodyguard of the two prince brothers, recently said, he was not unexpected about Harry leaving the royal family and William - Harry became distant. Because he witnessed a quarrel between them when he was young, and at that time, Harry caught a surprising sentence. I William - Harry had a very good relationship
Photo: SIPA / Shutterstock, in the new documentary of Channel 5, Mr. Ken said that the incident happened during the trip from London to Gloucester. Ken said: "On the car, Princess Diana and I sat in the front seat, William and Harry in the back seat. For some reason, the two princes argued from before departure ". The argument of children is very normal, so the cantastan - sitting with William and Harry - trying to arbitrate. Then, Harry suddenly blurted out: "William, one day you will be the king, and I don't, so I don't matter anything, I can do what I like". I said, Princess Diana It was shocked and asked Harry where she studied that sentence. Then the two small princes didn't say anything anymore. Photo: Jayne Fincher / HBO. Many newspapers in England said that Harry's words showed that he was aware of "fate" between himself and his brother right from the time she was young, so it was easy to understand when Growing up in an environment but the psychological development of two princes can be very different
And perhaps it is one of the reasons that Harry is not comfortable with life in the royal family. The wake of the difference might have made William - Harry has a different psychology when growing up, especially And because their mother died early. Photo: Getty.William is the second larger person at the British royal family, ie successful succession right behind Charles prince. And Harry, the successor immediately after William at the time of the two small brothers, now standing in the sixth row, after 3 children of the William and Kate. Since Harry - Meghan left, William - Kate couple got a lot of responsibilities, supporting the queen was 95 years old, and now they are considered people in the royal family " . Please do so many sources

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