Revealing Toyota Corolla Cross Gr-sport Is About To Debut In Taiwan

Toyota Corolla Cross version GR-SPORT was caught on car transport in Taiwan (China), expected to be released in September / 2021.0: 00/1: 44 Southern men on the image can see, Toyota Corolla Cross GR-SPORT is built based on version 1.8 Hybrid (also known as 1.8 HV in Vietnam market) .toyota Corolla Cross GR-Sport is about to debut in Taiwan (China) The first part of the car has a front bumper bumper set Back to sports style, angled

. The honeycomb grille is also designed to be new, expanded. The tail of the tail, Corolla Cross Gr-Sport has a new LED taillight, GR-Sport badge on the back door and a more prominent rear diffuser. Wheel details, side mirrors and roof rails are perfected with black paint colors
The rear diffuser on the Toyota Corolla Cross Gr-Sport is more prominent than in the cabin cavity according to the shot image shown equipped with leather seats With white stitching. Other equipment has not been disclosed. All of these designs are made by Toyota's sports car development branch - Toyota Gazoo Racing (GRS) .Toyota Corolla Cross of Taiwan selected two transmission systems Includes: 1.8L gasoline engine suction natural gas for a capacity of 140 horsepower and 172 nm torque; Hybrid 1.8L motor with a total combined capacity of 122 horsepower.Toyota Corolla Cross GR-SPORT is caught in Taiwanese transport vehicle with an automatic transforming transmission E-CVT and the bridge-driving system Previous (FWD) .toyota GR-SPORT is equipped with a new suspension that makes the body a little lower, while improving the hardness in the suspension and adding anti-flipping in the front / back to increase control of the car.View Add some Toyota Corolla Cross Gr-Sport images in Taiwan: Understand Lam

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