Review And Deploy Telecommunication Infrastructure In 17 Districts And Districts To Study Online

Hanoi Department of Information and Communication on September 14, issued Official Letter No. 2549 / STTTT-BCVT sends 17 districts and 5 districts and 5 telecommunication enterprises on the deployment of mobile coverage in localities that are in a way No. 16 / CT-TTg to serve the online teaching and learning of the education industry. About the online biology through VNPT E-Learning solution. Information and communication recommendation of Ha Dong District People's Committee and People's Committee of 16 districts of the city on the basis of a list of mobile broadband points with a letter No

. 3493 / BTTTTT-CVT dated 10-9-2021 of the Ministry of Information and Communications, coordinating to facilitate telephone enterprises Checking, reviewing and deploying infrastructure in areas without mobile phone waves, or weak wave areas to improve the quality of Internet transmission, ensuring contact information for online work routes and teaching, remote learning. The implementation of compliance with the regulations of the State and Hanoi City on management and licensing for construction of antenna columns, broadcasting in the area. Telecommunication enterprises implement solutions to respond to save information, improve service quality, ensure contact information for online work; Teaching and learning remotely (according to Official Letter No
2514 / STTTT-BCVT dated 9-9-2021 of the Department of Information and Communications). Telecommunications industry actively coordinates with People's Committees of districts, towns and townships control areas, points without mobile waves; Weak wave areas, need to upgrade internet connections and have plans to deploy, build infrastructure, installation of equipment to improve the quality of mobile coverage, quality of Internet connection ... Thanh Ha

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