Revoke And Handle More Than Vnd 294 Billion Of Import And Export Tax Debts

In the first 6 months of 2021, the customs sector was deployed fiercely against loss of losses, thereby recovering and handling more than VND 294 billion of tax debts. The customs ministry reviews the declaration of enterprises to serve the public Handling tax debts. Photo: Nguyen Son From the beginning of the year, the General Department of Customs actively urged and directed the local Customs Departments to focus on reviewing and firmly grasping the tax debt situation in the unit and classification of debt groups capable of collecting , Debts are unable to collect to issue decisions on assigning tax debt recovery targets before January 1 / 2021. In that, units such as customs of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh was assigned to recover and handling over VND 1,041 billion; Lao Cai Customs over VND 311

.6 billion; Bac Ninh Customs is over 97.3 billion dong; The Post-Customs Inspection Department over VND 32.8 billion
.. The General Department of Customs has put debts of enterprises on the website: Enterprises can access the website of the Customs Agency to provide a detailed tax debt lookup according to the declaration to fulfill the obligation with the State budget according to regulations. With positive solutions from the beginning of the year Up to now, the customs industry has recovered and handled tax debts of VND 294.8 billion. In particular, a number of provincial and city customs departments have good tax debt recovery results in praise: Bac Ninh Thu reached VND 96
5 billion, Hanoi reached more than 57.3 billion dong, Binh Duong reached 31, VND 5 billion, Khanh Hoa reached VND 18.5 billion, Quang Ngai reached more than 9.3 billion dong ... The amount of debt to collect overdue to 30/4/2021 of the Customs industry is over VND 5,584 billion, down 66 , VND 82 billion compared to December 31, 2020. In particular, the debt group capable of collecting is over 1,457 billion dong, down 66.71 billion dong; The group of debts to the administrative violation is VND 162.62 billion, down VND 11.05 billion ./. Ngoc Linh

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