Rice Mixing Rice: The Classic Dish Is Full Of Childhood Memories Of The 7x-8x Generation

Today children have enough delicacies of strange things but not to be addictive as the sugar mixing rice of the 7x-8x.0: 00/1: 21 male and poetry in the memories. One of those memories is the 7x-8x-generation cuisine to remember forever forever. Memorable dishes must be a rod cream, cotton candy, sweets or children's shrimp noodles. Every time you repeat, anyone wants to go back to enjoy

. Because, not which snacks are now also to buy and eat. The sugar is simply rice consisting of two components that are white rice mixed with the road. Will born the feeling of being bored by the road is too sweet, not as cool as the fruit that the Westerner often serves with rice
However, young children didn't just eat sweets so they enjoyed this dish. Even, many people reminded a small to hide her mother opening the sugar box to eat rice to eat the craving. Little days Many people had to stealthily steal my sugar box. Children like psychology of anyone who likes sweets, especially preschool or elementary school age. Previously, many mothers also resolved hunger for children with this classic rice dish. According to many people's assessments, this is a delicious rice bowl, children like it without costing money. If some day you crave sweets, don't hesitate to try this legendary dish of the previous generation. In the past, now when I enjoyed many other snacks, many young people would have to shake their heads because they wondered why they could eat too sweet food. But that childhood, who ever experienced that famine was definitely a try.rachel Pham (General)

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