Rice Rice Adds To 4 Delicious Dishes From Fish Balls, Delicious

If you're still in unknown to change today, refer to 4 delicious dishes from this fish ball! 0:00 / 4: 16 nam bum nam bum fish buckle fishing material Preparing to cook Nha Trang fish vermicelli Nha Trang fish ball0.5kg Tuna to make fish beams0.5kg sucking purple, onion, garlic, chili, lemon, gungrau blade, banana flower, basil, salad, salad ..

. 3 fruit tomatoes fish sauce, salt, sugar, sweet flour, seasoning, pepper, cooking oil ..
Instructions on how to make nha trang fish vermicelli 1: Preliminary processing of raw materials for removing cleaning and drainage, snakehead, remaining parts to cook broth. Salted vegetables are diluted, washed and drained. Tomatoes add areca zone. Aromed peeled, cutting pieces to eat. 3 - 4 roasted purple ones to put in the water for fragrance, the remaining puree, minced garlic, puree-cutting leaves.Step 2: Cooking the water using the bone, fish head to cook with water with grill . Leaving water in, fragrant, no fishy smell of fish, you should blank bones and fish heads with previous boiling water. When the water used boiled you start small fire and heat Liu Riu. When you see the fish head, the ripe fish bone, then filter the water, add water into the pot, for fragrance and boil it again, it is tasted again and tasted it for both tuna and tuna, fish sauce, fish sauce, MSG, ginger, a little alcohol and steamed in 30 minutes was to be 4: mixed with a dotted fish sauce by giving minced garlic, sliced chili and delicious fish sauce into the cup, mixed. Note, do not add sugar to fish sauce to hold the pure taste
Scewater 5: Present and enjoy bun out, for steamed fish, frying and beam fish up on and enjoying and enjoying with raw vegetables . Extra fish sauce will make dishes more bold. Fish sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce Tomato sauce Materials Making fish sauce sauce with fresh collector 500g (replacing cassava fish processing) Fish sauce 1 TSPLAY 1.2 TSPT is a leaf several stems 200 feet fresh 1 fruit steps to make tomato sauce sauce: Step 1: With this fish sauce sauce sauce, the first step you filter mackerel meat, dry, put into a pureer blender, then for water Pepper chili sauce on the grind until the mixture blends together. Propper 2: onions, then you pick up roots, rinse, to dry small. Some of you are mixed into fish balls and put in the refrigerator cooler. NEWS 3: Tomato you wash, remove the shell, put into a pureer grinder or Thai pieces. North pan oil on the kitchen, heated for tomatoes into boiling and tasting spices. Propsy 4: Fish and fish in hand, squeezing small pieces. Boil fish with tomato sauce until the sauce is shallow, then onion, it is a small Thai in the delicious fish, blends in the same taste of tomatoes and the aroma of the aroma is. This delicious dish has come to the question of fish dishes as a delicious dish. With a fish grain of tomato sauce family meals you will add more interesting. You can replace the self-made fish with a fried fish or steamed fish rolls to your homemade sweet sauce faster and well delicious edge. Fish warehouse eggs Fish loar sauces. Raw material: fish balls, quail eggs, green onions, cilantro, purple, sugar, seasoning seeds, pepper.: - Step 01 : Ripe and peeled quail eggs, then put the water to mix about 10 minutes. - Step 02: Lamb fish until slightly yellow.- Step 03: Put the sugar and water into the pot to win sugar water. Boil the fire until the line leans to the wing color is .- Step 04: African garlic and purple onion, then put water and water color continues to boil. - Step 05: For fried fish with eggs Quail in, tasting to the flavor with fire riu. Until the water is shallow, turn off the kitchen and decorate with onion. Fish roller leaves leaves leaves leaves Leaves: Nha Trang fish (fresh), minced meat, onion, chili, garlic, pepper, purple onion, fish sauce, Seasoning seeds, cooking oil, sugar. Do: - Step 1: Purple onion and peeling garlic, shredding. Rinse the leaves. - Step 2: Give minced meat, fish, purple onion, chili, spice into a big bowl, then mix and marinate for 15 minutes. - Step 3: Take the leaf has been washed With a mixture of minced fish meatballs on.- Step 4: Put the oil into the pan and wait until the oil is hot, in turn frying each of the leaves for nine is 02 faces. Note: Fry small fire to avoid burning leaves, but the fish is not ripe (synthetic) Photo: Collectibles

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