Rich Does Not Come Up To 3 Places, Poverty Not Nearly 2 People

0:00 / 2: 30 Southern countries have not come up to 3 places, poverty, not nearly 2 people "Rich without 3 places, poverty, not nearly 2 people" is a command to be made from the life experiences Leave to help the generation after life, An Yen. Rich does not come up to 3 places where many things can lead to ruins, broken family, gambling certainly tops this list. Since ancient times, there are many real people stories, because of embarking on the casino that runs out for the property within a night. Silver can be addictive and not beneficial, once steps to step Go to the casino hardly to get out. Winning, you want to win, lose, always want to remove it

. Until it was late, not only painting themselves in the body but also involved in his family, his wife and children. The cowal dies to play a person full of ambitions, diligently working for half a half-life will have accumulated properties, Can help yourself and your family enjoy life, go through the days fully. But now, if it leaks flatten in the perverted place, they will have to pay expensive because it is easy , Escape too hard
The playful place to play is a place where people easily lose their minds most. Once you have immersed, enjoy it in it, it will not be able to withdraw your legs, eventually lead to the scenery of product failure, my wife and children, broken family. So, so I should have a new person to teach the following people to avoid Far away from these places. The illustration of the old people of the old people do not have to return to their homeland, but want the generations after understanding the humility. People return to their homeland when they have been honored to bring their minds His humble, never scouring, shows her over the outside. If not, they will face a huge problem: Being borrowed by others. For others to borrow money yet to reclaim, it is very vulnerable to love, but not lending, you will turn into a guy Tieu Nhan accidentally meansless, living humility will make themselves not to bring too many troubles. The illustration is difficult. It is difficult to not be nearly 2 people who like to "hit the" people who are often hit Hearing someone having unhappiness, likes to laugh on a joke on others. When you are rich, they will surround the flattery, respect you
By the time you were inclusive, they did not only help but almost sheltered, contempt, even christmas paintings for you. This person just wanted to be happy with you but not to join you. The dear false people are difficult, ordinary people close to you suddenly shunned, they didn't want to wait for you to pick them into the body. When you are poor, they won't want to help you save you, pretend not to know you. By that, in life, if you encounter such people, it is best to be far away from them, to one day you will They seem to see if they despise, lose their values of themselves.

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