Rich Thanks To The Model Of Safe Mushroom Growing

With the goal of creating a safe product, Mr. Le Dinh Truc, Hung Son village, Yen Tho commune, mountainous district such as Thanh, Thanh Hoa province has implemented a safe mushroom planting model to rise to get rich in: 00 / 3: 46 namanh Le Dinh Truc area with a safe mushroom model. This figure is giving him the income of 2 billion VND / year, creating jobs for 12 workers with salary 4-6 million / person / month . Currently every month he sells 1.5-3 tons, the price of 1 kg of fresh gray abalone mushrooms is 40,000 VND / kg, gray abalone mushrooms 300,000 VND / kg, Auria 100,000 / kg, dry mushrooms are dry He sells the price of 1

.5-1.7 million VND / kg of dry. In a pure agricultural family, after graduating from level 3, Mr
Truc has entered at Ho Chi Minh City Industrial University, graduating from him to do Renting in many places but this life is very hard, the money is not enough for the family. During a visiting a mushroom maker, he had intended to return to his hometown by growing mushrooms, through books and Internet Anh Truc noticed in the market of many mushrooms, but many mushroom production facilities ensuring safe hygiene, health effects, also from here he has arises the idea of realizing a safe mushroom planting model, which is also the next work of growing his father's mushroom to leave. Dinh Truc with safe mushroom products. In 2016, after a while working everywhere, Mr. Truc decided to return to his hometown, inheriting his father's mushroom residence to leave, but his father in the past Planting and mushrooms in old, backward, economic efficiency are not high. Therefore, he decided to plant mushrooms in a new way to create a safe product, aiming to build an OCOP product (an commune of a product) right in his hometown. To do this, Mr. Truc has borrowed from banks, relatives to import materials, building a 5,000 m2 mushroom growing factory to carry out a safe mushroom planting model with mushrooms such as Linh Chi, item Atrophical, gray abalone mushrooms. For healthy and well-developed mushrooms need to create favorable climate conditions, avoid sunshine, for gray abalone mushrooms when starting to grow sawdust, lime annealing about 1 month Then put a glance oven to steam. After steaming, mushrooms have to cool and then implant seeds
When the transplant is finished, after 1 month, the structure for mushrooms into the house for farming for daily care, after the fungus grows well, harvest, close and sell to the market, usually every mushroom growing It takes 2-3 months with mushroom harvesting. Besides, this gray abalone mushroom is difficult to raise, however, in the market is very popular with this fungus due to delicious, nutritious, while price Very cheap, Mr. Truc produces more than other fungi. Thanks to the trouble over the past 5 years, so far Mr. Truc has two safe mushroom cultivation factories, the total area of his mushroom mushroom growing 4 ha. He is currently cultivating 4 fungi; In particular, there are 3 products that are recognized by Thanh Hoa Provincial People's Committee to meet the standard Ocop at 2020 as gray abalone mushrooms, dried fungi and red lingzhi mushrooms. Certificate of OCOP for British mushroom products Le Dinh Truc.anh truc also established organic agricultural cooperative Trong Phuong, every year he sold 4,000 tons of mushrooms. Mushroom products ensure food hygiene and safety, not harming consumers' health and being sold in Thanh Hoa, Hai Duong, Hanoi, Hai Phong, in the direction of developing mushrooms In the coming time, Mr. Truc said that by the end of this year, the cooperative will expand the model, producing a number of highly economic fungi such as emperor mushrooms; At the same time, lifting the old products, towards exporting mushroom products to Europe, Asia ... through it, confirming the mushroom products with local brand nature. In addition, Mr. Truc will also regularly support people around the area of scientific transfer in mushroom production to reach out to escape poverty. Bui Ngoc Tuan, Vice Chairman of Yen Tho Commune People's Committee, Nhu Thanh district said good, The model of a safe growing mushroom of Mr. Truc is typical commune, not only provides high economic efficiency but also created more jobs for local workers. In the coming time, the commune will continue to replicate this model to the area, so that people follow. Thereby, contributing to improving income, poverty reduction in localities.Tin, Photo: Nguyen Nam (VNA)

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