Rings As A Way Of Life

The fasting ring in Xuan Dieu is something precious. It is not only modest, know what. Deeper than that, it proves an accurate perception of the cultural person's situation. In an essay called my thoughts (1958), Xuan Dieu said: He is a poor grape man , parked, from the countryside to transfer to the teaching and quite fake city. A detailed detail is more important: he is a baby wife

. The torn here is until he grew up, his cheeks remained with her grandmother, and Xuan Dieu as well as the younger brother who was Tinh Ha and stayed with the great family, I called a teacher) and his wife Both of his father (which he calls his mother). Foreigners are a few kilometers away from within a few kilometers; Long time, poor cheeks are allowed to visit two boys, but also standing outside the door, not entering the house; Then for a long time, the two sons escaped from visiting his cheeks, visiting foreigners, remembering and remembering. As a psychologist who was determined, the personality of a person was formed primarily at childhood, before 5 Age, and here, the facts in family life are meaningful
"The baby's wife" mentioned above has a special psychological face in Xuan Dieu - he cute people, in He often has unjust sadness, the consequences of moments do not know what to do and don't find affection in those around. Always feel his helpless before nature and before life, usually one Such humans or frogged, vulnerable, but also sympathize with other people's suffering. In Chinese literary, there is also a famous figure with emergency emergents can not cut Nghia Thang and Xuan Dieu cited to talk about themselves. It was Lam Dai Ngoc in Hong Lau Dong. This daughter orphaned, lonely in affection, weak, so the more tears. The injury for me, the life in her has reached a level of a disease. There was a sad time, she picked up the flower to buried a pile, finished sniffing again: "Buried flowers to crying silly / until I die, Is the person buried? ". The moments Lam Dai Ngoc did not lack of Xuan Dieu. There are fleeting feelings that are only fleeting that the poet sees such as its own debt grace, for example, suggesting the little little they cry when he buried into the intestines. Because the adversity sparked in his heart a fear, felt that life was very fragile, not tightened, not taking care of keeping, would lose quickly
(He has meticulously in the steps of my thoughts). According to the observation of Western literature researchers, the mind of the poet has many identity with the psychology of the kind of people too sensitive and not Find your place in society. Huge is the mentality psychology, wandering psychology, lives on the sidelines of stable societies, psychology of wild children, not gathering and supporting the spirit. A picture is used spectrum Turning in the West: Each poet is a Jewish man, each person does not have his homeland and the nation does not have a native. The mind of the wife is in Xuan Dieu, also has the same stroke: feeling avocado And his cute people are associated with the situation as if not where. But the most stroke in the psychology of the wife's psychology It affects the way Xuan Dieu's behavior is probably the rattle. "Through the river, it must be ferched / night, so you have to sell her oil." Because I was in such a situation, I had to suffer from water, but in the stomach, I knew that I was no less of life. Those who have lived through the wife's wife means that in a very weak in life, it is easy to understand, and Xuan Dieu is better understand. The wild of Tinh Ha said: While the net, indignant, it has to abandon the other family to live lang ladder, Xuan Dieu chooses the road to bite orlerances, obediently lived with the mother, cornering Both their minds on their studies, they knew that only their good studies were new, they were worthy of thanking his cheeks who had finished their intestines. Then out of this rattle will also wear the class of Xuan Dieu throughout his life. In the lives of lives, dare to face and ask for and ask for themselves; Inside the people who are greedy, they praise themselves, reboot their bells for themselves, consider themselves everything they do is formidable, tall ... actually have another person , know what, peace, ready to bear water, the star's reinforcement and write. During the main events of the Xuan Dieu life before 1945, there is one thing that everyone knows, but is less mentioned, Is the fact that he quit composing, working as a hierarchy. After the brilliant period 1935-1939, self-reliance of the delegation began to wait. Through 1940, the group's spikes almost declined. However, some people who leave Van Dem are those who have louters, and the fact that they retire from the composition is to have time to go deeper to their ideals. The most spiritual and zodiac will quit literature to Go into politics. Only Xuan Dieu is because livelihoods. Speaking more, between the life of the flood of the pen wing, and a pretty fake live scene of one

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