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The snail opened her eyes that blurred up the child who looked at the child when she seemed to think about it. She gave a thinner hand touching the tanned face with deep eyes and her thick eyebrows. The corner of the curved mouth is like it is the same as the corner of her mouth: 00/9: 50 narrays illustrated (source: interner) on a long road trip in Lang Son Nam Dinh, a young man Essential age, solid figure, brown-brown skin. The face restless worried when he kept looking through the car window and glanced at the piece of paper holding on his hand. Long, the guy opened the phone to someone with a look like hangover, worried and suspense

. Vehicle suspension occasionally reminds the stop in front of everyone to prepare furniture: - Ha Ninh gas station. In the near future, Petrol Ha Ninh Ai down "Laos .
Oo..o..o" ... The last word you can't lean up, as he deliberately wake up everyone after a long journey. - I'm down, I'm down Down .
.. The young man rushed. He reminded the travel bag at his feet and put his backpack on his shoulder to hurry out the car door. The car stopped, the young man stepped down. He collapsed for a moment as determining the direction and looked back on again the piece of paper on his hand: "Ha Ninh gas station. Turn right to go into the village. Going to the village road turning the left hand to the dike, about 200 m, turn down and ask Visit her grandmother's house ". It was a moment to the end of the village and in front of the dike covering the village's back. The boy stopped when she met a blanket man who was crawling from the dike home: - Yes, I greeted me! Where did you ask my grandmother? - Ms. snail house? Behold, he went another paragraph, there was a small way to go down, right next to the foot of the dike. Roof tile right next to the dike leg. I just met her in the yard. Now let out a lease, it must also be lost. Who are you? The curious blanket pulled his shirt and asked. Loji is the nature of the people of the countryside from ancient days: - Yes, I'm a snail son. Uncle blanket stopped, clinging to the rope and pinched the cow again stunned: - So are you alder of algeons? Go to the bamboo root and pull the boy's hand like running the mouth of La Bai: - Snail, snail ... Her son I find this snail here ... Some people go to work, then this person The other phone withdrawing the phone ran to the village informed. The number of people who had reached more than a dozen people together pulled the three-time tile house located next to the foot of the dike. Hearing noise in front of the gate, open the door to step out: - I greet the grandparents. I greet the brothers and sisters. What's going on. - Your child, your children here. The barge robs your child now it's big to find this here. The cowdout is shouted. The boy who leaned down the backpack, the key piece of address and photo of the jagged shower man on the cargo barge: - Mom, did she recognize him? " Lan in the past still ran along this river. Mother. Mother in my hand, snails trembling tried to look at the man's face in the picture. She was placed: -Yed him ... Age .. He robbed my child ... The tears rolled long on black cheeks wrinkled. She handed her hand to hug her chest staggered: - You're my child ... my lounge ... her face is pale, slowly pouring down. Quickly boys gave her hand to leave her from falling, then picky her up The Bed Statistics corner of the house. Everyone who fluttered with each other's hands, the person pulled to the more and more and more. - I still believe that I have been looking for, five children but at least. Talking. "Does anyone's children in the village look very well." Somewhat poisoned. A few laughters of the surface but then realized the ungainly to hit himself: - Greeting her grandmother. From now on, it is taken care of. You're going to feed my mother is good, but the old mother is very weak, I'm so weak! It is the big boy, the name of her grandmother gathering when she welcomes you born from the unhappy mother 3 years old Catching when he followed his mother to go to the peanut grass. The snail this year was 60 years old, the orphaned parents and was like a ten-year-old child for decades ago. Her personality is not as fast as everyone, she lives alone in the three-time tile house, thanks to the commune women's association to meet the village at the end of the village, next to a banana garden of a good person to cut the land divided by. Although small and non-agile, but the young people have a very beautiful face, a high nose, the deep black eyes hidden under a thick eyelashes, the corners of the mouth are always like laughing. Meeting who she also asked her even if the person was more or less than her. The old days daily snails picked up the grass, got lost, breaking corn for everyone to earn a living. She often picked up the dog tree and hugged the market. The village didn't know where she came from getting lost, who her parents were, only that year there was a horny girl, dwarf dwarf to the village, she didn't know I am old. Who asked her just laughing and said: - I don't know!. Then she was small, so everyone called her snail and the name of the snail attached from there.

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