River Picnic At The ‘tourist Paradise’ Daegu

Gangjeongbo The Arc Square in Daegu is the intersection of the two Nakdong and Geumho rivers. This is a windy space, suitable for romantic, relaxing trips. As one of the major central cities of Korea, in recent years, Daegu strives to develop new tourism segments with children Fashion streets, wonderful mountain nature scenes and many architectural works, historical monuments. Seoul capital is about 238 km, equivalent to 1.5 hours of super speed train, Daegu is a lot of love Selecting is the ideal destination for weekend picnics

. Camping space to watch the romantic mountain river is named the typical picnic point of Daegu, Gangjeongbo the Arc Square has an airy landscape, so the middle Two gentle rivers. It has spacious lawns, planned for children to relax fun, run dance. In the summer, the square uses a ground water sprinkler system, creating a cool, interesting space
Gangjeongbo's Gangjeongbo in the flow of Nakdong River and Geumho. Looking remotely, square appears like a picture Paint for poetry. The uppermost side of the river is Gangjeongbo irrigation works with massive architectural blocks. Grass here allows people to camp every weekend. Families often come here to build a camping tent or organize BBQ barbecue. Around this area is also available utility services such as renting electric bicycles, restaurants, cafes ..., suitable for weekends for relatives and relatives. People Have fun with the lawn in Gangjeongbo Square
The unique outdoor art event Understanding gangjeongbo school is often used as a place to organize programs and events, including Gangjeong Daegu modern art exhibition with rules Big tissue. If here is on the occasion, visitors can store many beautiful images. Gangjeongbo The Arc regularly organizes outdoor events. Especially, a large film festival was held here in the summer of the year. 2019. The event took the topic of famous movie songs like Mo Mo Mo (Lalaland - 2016), Beauty and The Beast - 2017), Love (Begin Again - 2013) ..., Create a movie range on a 300-inch screen. The event was concerned by the audience in favor of enthusiastically. The most beautiful architectural Quan Daegu - The Arc Cultural Center "The main character" of the Arc Square is a special architectural building called the Cultural Center Arc. At first glance, this work leaned like a magnificent UFO ship, which was like a giant whale jumping from the water. The Arc's name stands for "Architecture of River Culture" or "Artistry of River Culture", inspired by the river culture of the two rivers in the area. The hall is impressive inside the Arc. , The ARC's B1 layer is an exhibition space and art gallery. The first floor and the second floor are 360 degrees theaters with the theme "water". Typical Art Works at The Arc are 1,000 statues of people bowing visitors at the entrance to the floor 1. On the 3rd floor of the building, guests can use observatory to see the river mountain view and Gangjeongbo Square Collapse in sight. The building does not charge entrance to the door, visitors can freely visit this area. Learn to the river bank after The Arc, visitors can relax with many interesting entertainment sports such as ducks and cars pedal water, pedal pedal or electric cano. Duck pedal and bicycles in the water are active for 1 to 2 people. Visitor groups from 4 or more people can experience self-driving family rowing, traditional boat sitting or surfing cano. Boat charges for groups 1-2 people are 15,000 won (equivalent to VND 300,000); The boat for a group of 4 people is 20,000-25,000 won (equivalent to VND 400,000-500,000). There is also a service for 4-10 people, the $ 12,000 / person charges (equivalent to VND 240,000 / person). Vu vu around the square with tricycles with tricycles. In the number of entertainment At The Arc, the most popular must include electric bicycles and 3-wheel electric cars. Visitors can violate each corner of Gangjeongbo square, pick up the cool breeze at the end of the day. There are many dedicated camping stores. With a cost of about 30,000 won (VND 600,000), you can rent a tarpaulin set for 4 hours. Cafes and restaurants with a diverse menu, serve the session, visitors' entertainment. The Arc Cultural Center: 57 Gangjeongbo-ro, Dasa-dong, Dalseong-gu, Daeguinstaram: @ilovethearc_website Dalseong District Cultural Center, Daegu: Dalseong.daegu.kr/culture/index.dowebsite South Korea National Administration of Tourism in Vietnam: Visitkorea.org.Vnhttps: //www.visitkorea.org.vn/Ta Van

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