Roblox Claims $ 1.7 Million Because Of Platform Terrorism

According to Engadget, Roblox is suing a user and requires a $ 1.7 million compensation because of its game platform installation.0: 00/2: 01 NAMROBLOX in recent years in recent troublesome ROBLOX troubles There has been a new move that is a claim of US $ 1.7 million and ends the harassment activities, namely Benjamin Robert Simon.Roblox owns and operates the video game platform, online games Available through ROBLOX website

. Here, Roblox encourages users to participate and develop more music into their games. When users download music, the file will be transmitted and form a copy on the ROBLOX server. In the profile of Polygon reports, Simon is a person with Roblox accused of CyberMod, performing actions that cause effects Seriously for Roblox and users
Many years ago, Simon had gay stigma spokes, racism and harassing others. Specifically, post the image of the body, the image of Adolf Hitler and "sexual game" is therefore, Roblox has banned Simon using their foundation. But have not stopped there, recently, some accounts Forging is said that Simon has attacked and hacked access to the ROBLOX platform. Simon also encouraged nearly 800,000 followers on his YouTube channel to do the same with Roblox. Also, "show the murder and shooting on April 3, 2018 at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California (USA) And threatening the terrorist variety at ROBLOX headquarters in San Mateo, California (USA) nearby "is also a crime that Simon is alleged.Simon is a famous Youtuber Regularly posting videos about the dangers Insurance uploaded to Patreon and Roblox platforms to benefit.Roblox officially filed Ruben Sim on Tuesday to the California Court claiming 1.7 million USDRoblox with nearly 50 million daily users, Many of them are children. Despite the children's game, Roblox also appeared many sensitive content that caused a great influence on young members. There are a large number of employees, but Roblox still cannot control the contents The obscene was tedged, CEO David Baszucki said

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