Robot Shocked Because There Was A True Face Expression

A new human simulation robot model shocked the viewer when there are realistic expressions on the face no different from the real person. The cut from the clip (Photo: YouTube) Robot named "Ameca" is developed by the developer At the British Engineered Arts company described as the "robot simulates the completion of the interaction between robots with humans." They announced a video, which recorded the emulsions of the robot and showed that the company did not inflate this gray machine, it seemed no differently the characters in the famous movie " I, Robot "premiere in 2004, can show a lot of expression on the face, there is also to mention the movement of extremely human eye. In the video, as previously programmed, Ameca First shouted as he woke up, then checked his arms, looked at them with a curiosity, then surprised the expression and started "noticing" to the "she" was being Filming. This expression robot is available in the market to buy or rent

. Currently, Ameca only has a standing version, but planners plan to upgrade it, promise that "One day Ameca can walk".

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