Rocket With Nauka Module Was Installed On The Launcher

Roskosmos (Russian Airlines and Space Agencies) Information, Proton-M launcher with a multi-function Nauka laboratory module has been given and installed at the launcher of Baikonur Space Airport.0 : 00/2: 25 YOUTH IMPLEMENTATION.Roskosmos also adds, our experts will begin the scheduled work of the first launch date. The launcher is scheduled on July 21 at the time 17:58 Moscow now. This will be the first module that Russia will send to the ISS since 2010, when a small research module Rassvet docked and is the first heavy domestic module since 2000, when the module translates The Zvezda Department is put into operation

. Russia's ISS songs include Zarya functional cargo blocks, Zvezda service modules, Pirs cavity compartments, and small research modules Poisk and Rassvet. International Space Station scheduled on July 29 at 16:26. Operation is done in automatic mode, but it can be remotely controlled by hand by Russian astronauts from ISS
Before the emergence of the laboratory on July 23 at 16:17 Now Moscow, the PIRS module will be dismantled with the help of Progress MS-16 cargo trucks and the same day the PIRS module will be flooded in the Pacific Ocean. Now, it occupies the necessary installation position for Nauka.Nauka is the almost complete copy of ISS Zarya's first module. It began built in 1995 as a ground backup for this module. In 2004, they decided to expand the Russian segment and to save costs, which was converted into formal flight modules. The opinion was released in 2007, but the production was not completed on time Due to many years of starting the start was postponed. In 2013, when Nauka prepared to test to the universe to detect strange particles while checking the fuel system. This threates big problems, because after launching on the orbit, the module must go to the ISS with its own motor, in the case of congested, they can be stalled and a heavy object 20 Non-control tons will stay with orbit near the earth. However, if the unit himself reaches the station, the foreign elements may have disabled the stations of the station, because Nauka must be connected to Fuel system of Russian segment. Therefore, the module has been returned to the manufacturer to fix after modernization receiving a new name - MLM-U, in which "u" is an improved name
By 2020, the segment was sent to Baikonur, where it passed all the tests before debuting.

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