Rockport Atria Ii Version 2021 About Vietnam, Bringing A Large Stage To A Small Listening Room

The first generation of Atria is one of the extremely successful ultra hi-end speakers of Rockport Technologies. Atria II 2021 version remains a luxurious design with strong, elegant but inside lines that are upgraded to the entire driver and the new drivers. ATRIA II 2021 is considered a miracle in the hi-end world when it is possible to create lively and monumental stages right in small and medium-listed rooms.0: 00/2: 38 Southweight with highlights are The new Beryllium tweeter is placed in a very short slant-oriented disk, Rockport has redesigned the entire crossover circuit, creating a new breakthrough in the performance performance. Double ATRIA II 2021 speakers are also favored to equip multi-layer carbon fiber drivers for sandwiches designed and developed and developed by the MID and Woofer Atria II drivers

. This special technique helps increase rigorous rigidity compared to extremely light weight, ensuring the cone speakers operate the main shaft as a piston during the moving journey. In addition, the magnet system is also designed to optimize the magnetic force. The combination of carbon speaker and the new motor system helps ATRIA II can reproduce the sound with higher sophistication and honest degrees higher, namely thanks to the details of Micro dynamic levels raised to a rank
. About speaker barrel design, Rockport Atria II has a front made from a thickness of 3 high stressed wooden sheets to over 100mm, side edges also have the same structure, the thickest place up to 65mm. This speaker barrel design is also considered a symbol of the Rockport Technologies Speaker brand, it not only makes a strong but extremely delicate cubic art creation in every corner but also the optimal effect on hardness and term Made of jamming barrels. Atria II's front loudspeaker is tilted behind to optimize the time phase as well as limiting diffraction. All changes in the Rockport Atria II generation are done with the goal of bringing a ratio Large regeneration stage in both 3-dimensional, multi-layer, more impressive than the size of the pair of speakers. Rockport to see, they have almost reached the current Hi-End technology threshold for a pair of speakers and prices such as Atria II, a pair of speakers will create excitement and amazing feels even when You only own a modest area room. Reference price: VND 660 million Rockport Technologies speaker is distributed by Thanh Tung Audioth official information: Win Audio Address: No. 260 Hue Street - Hai Ba Trung - Hanoi Phone: 04-3974 4328. 0913207153email: - info@thangaudio

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