Rolling Prices Of New Cars Launched In Vietnam

In August, some cars were released new life and adjusted prices like Nissan Almera, Hyundai Grand I10, Kia Seltos, Mazda BT-50. Many automobile segments in Vietnam received new products in August. Nissan Sunny returns to Class B sedan with Almera. The popular Hyundai Grand I10 and Mazda BT-50 sellers into the new generation. Meanwhile, the Urban SUV of the other visitors Seltos has an upgrade

. At the same time, the above models are also adjusted the selling price, a few tens of millions of dong compared to the previous life. Rolling price of cars In the article is calculated in Hanoi, where the registration fee is available and the highest license registration fee. The remaining taxes, the remaining fees are calculated according to the Personal Car Registration
Hyundai Grand I10 2021ra in early August, the appearance of the new generation Hyundai Grand I10 is the upgrade needed to help this car find the attraction again, In the context of Vinfast Fadil, it is gradually dominating a 1-class car group: TC Motor. Modern design, the new Grand I10 size is also improved. Specifically, compared to the old life, the hatchback version is less than 85 mm long, 20 mm wide and 15 mm higher and the sedan is more than 20 mm wide and 15 mm higher. As a result, the car dominates before Fadil considering the use space.Grand I10 2021 has a 15-inch LA-ZANT, the start button, smart key, first / rear glass drying, anti-jammed power window, 8-inch central screen supports Apple Carplay / Android Auto, 4 speakers, voice recognition features, wind door rear seats and cruise control.Pops: TC Motor. Open new generation, Grand i10 only has a version used 1.2L engine, for 83 horsepower capacity, 114 nm torque. The car uses a gearbox 4 AT or 5 MT, the price increases 30-40 million VND compared to the old life. Unit: Million VND
kia Seltossau 1.6 Premium version Return to the product catalog in July, the other version Seltos The rest continues to be upgraded slightly in August. The most obvious difference in the appearance of Seltos 2021 is the other logo with a stylized alphabet. In addition, the version is supplemented with equipment. Photo: Thaco. Specifically, the SELTOS 1.4 Deluxe version base has a boot button instead of the muscle key. Seltos 1.4 Luxury has additional electrical driving chairs, tire pressure sensors, interior 2 tone color. In the highest, the 1.4 Premium version of Seltos 1.4 Premium has a similar air filtration system with SELTOS 1.6 Premium. Motor options do not change.So with old life, the price of the other version of Seltos 2021 is higher than 6-10 million dong. Unit: Million VND.Nissan Almerth 8 also marks the return of Nissan Sunny at the stool Nissan Almera. Nissan Almera.Step to the new generation, Nissan Almera has improved most of the disadvantages that made Sunny failed in Vietnam before as an outdated design, simply equipped, and still Maintain the advantage of space widely used. Photo: Nissan. Some are equipped with a flat bottom steering wheel, only the 8-inch center screen, support Apple Carplay, 360-degree camera, support Horizontal departure auxiliary, detecting moving object mod, 6 airbags, rear cross-sectional warning, engine pause features: Nissan.Nissan Almera is equipped with a turbocharged gasoline engine 1.0L , 100 horsepower capacity, 152 nm torque (CVT version) or 160 Nm (MT version). Almera has a lower capacity than Vios and Accent but is more about traction. Unit: Million VND.Mazda BT-50Mazda BT-50 New generation turned into shared chassis and engines with ISUZU D- plenary pickup Max. The internal / exterior and equipment design of the vehicle also changes significantly compared to the old life. Photo: Thaco.Mazda BT-50 2021 is applied Kodo design language with modern designs and rushing for sale than. However, the exterior of the vehicle still has the first and feminine part of the previous life - the capital has received a lot of mixed opinions about the design. In that time, the new BT-50 interior is significantly more expensive With old lives. This is also the strength of the car compared to the opponents of the same segment.Mazda BT-50 has 8-way electricity driving seat, automatic anti-dazzling rearview mirror, smart key, boot button, automatic air conditioner 2 independent areas integrated pollen filter, wind door rear seat, 9 inch center screen supporting Apple Carplay wireless and 8 speakers. Photo: Thaco. Safety face, new BT-50 has more warning points blind, warning vehicle interruption when backward, besides the basic features like ABS, electronic balance, downhill support, reversing camera, front / back sensor and 7 airbags. All BT version- 50 2021 Using a 1.9L diesel engine, a capacity of 148 horsepower, 350 Nm torque, 6 MT or 6 AT gearboxes and rear-or-bridge-bridge-driving systems. This performance level is weaker than most selling samples in Vietnam. Unit: Million VND.

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