Rolls-royce First Pure Electric Aircraft Testing

British Rolls-Royce aircraft engine producer just completed the first electric flight first. Flying only 15 minutes, but marked the beginning of an intensive flight flight period, collected Rolls-Royce's valuable performance of electric motors, Rolls-Royce announced a half-sponsored Aerospace Institute of Technology and the UK Government, with the ultimate purpose Creating passenger aircraft runs entirely by electricity. The first electric aircraft of Rolls-Roycerolls-Royce aircraft indicates the plane named Spirit of Innovation has a seat, using a battery pack 6,000 Cells, the current 3 motor drive system has a total capacity of 400kW (over 500 horsepower) and can reach a maximum speed of 480km / h. Battery weight is a problem with electric cars, but is Many bigger problems with electric aircraft. Ford's completely powerful Lightning pickning picking truck will be heavier than 816 kg compared to gasoline-powered cars, but the scope of short operation More than half

. However, if plus 816 kg into a small aircraft like Cessna 206 Turbo StationAir, will exceed 250 kg compared to its useful load, not to mention the mass of passengers (or pilots) - So it is impossible to take off. However, the weight of the plane's landing is usually lighter than itself when taking off, due to fuel consumption on the route. While electric planes, the battery volume remains the first pure electric flight of Rolls-Roycelam

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