Rolls Royce Ghost Surfed With Nature Forest And Vung Tau Sea

Rolls Royce New Ghost has the first experienced rolling journeys in the natural scenery of Binh Chau primeval forest - Phuoc Buu, Vung Tau, Vietnam. The first Rolls-Royce in the world is full of 40 / 50hp Launched at the Paris Salon in 1907 brought a new wind in the car world time. Sight away in silver paint as stealth. The favorite gender has been favored for the "ghost" nickname "ghost", attached to the car to this day. Stunning images of Rolls-Royce Ghost in Vung Tau powerful motor, degrees Quiet brings an extremely smooth driving experience, Rolls Royce New Ghost is suitable for individuals who need cars that are not only a means of moving but also the most comfortable place on their journeys, with special designs Particularly for those who need their car interior space perfectly almost 'a second house'

. At the end of the week, New Ghost is always ready to be driven by the owner in the journeys of dropping themselves in the long trips. "New Ghost's face" is a good example of the obsession of the design team towards Pure, don't forget to honor the permanent markers of Rolls-Royce as Pantheon Grille grille, gold ratio 2: 1 (ie the height of the car with two wheel height) and the Spirit of Ecstasy "LED Open the way ".Rolls-Royce Ghost surfing on the roads of the forest and Vung Tau
The famous attracted peripheral light flow along and gathered at a point on the body and the rear, creating a serene visual effect. In every different bright conditions, the car has its own charming appearance. New Ghost reports a picture with a silver layer, pressed by minimalist details of steel polishes, such as glass edges, door handles , grid to Spirit of Ecstasy. New Ghost is the first line with Spirit of Estacy that appears directly from the bonnet instead of lying on the top of the grille, as if a crystalline block emerged from the depths of the ocean. When the bonnet is opened, the Spirit of Ecstacy will hide inside to ensure safety and aesthetic.Rolls Royce New Ghost in accordance with individuals who need cars are not only means of moving It is also the most comfortable place on his journey of New Ghost to explore the journey to walk to the freshwater, Vung Tau. With V12 6.75L double turbocharged, a capacity of 563 horsepower, 850nm torque gives great power, with about 100kg of negative suction materials located in a lightweight aluminum chassis and extremely good sound resistance, inside Rolls Royce New Ghost is always peaceful though the car surfing strongly on the beautiful sugar. Beach and heaven, New Ghost's silver is hidden under the sunshine as a picture that can move everything. New Ghost's smooth and silence to bring the owner to the world of balance and quiet
View more Rolls Royce New Ghost images at the roads of the forest and Vung Tau: Rolls-Royce Ghostrolls- Royce GhosStrolls-Royce Ghost

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