Rolls-royce Is About To Produce Super-electrical Cars

The automaker from England introduced some models to use electric motors, however, they all stopped at the role of testing products. In: 00/4: 08 South in the past few years, industry Electric cars are no longer a new or vague concept with many people. The market has appeared a lot of electric car products, stretching from small urban vehicles like Honda E to sports car like Porsche Taycan.Quay back to the past, the electric motor has been known from the twentieth century However, this type of engine soon fell in forgotten due to poor moving and lack of charging station. However, the current time, the type of environmentally friendly engine is gradually popular, and Rolls-Royce is not outside this game

. The plan uses the electric motor for super luxury cars 10 years, Rolls-Royce Thieu Phantom Experimental Electric (EE) with a 102EX number, this is the complete running version of Phantom. V12 6.75L gasoline engine blocks are replaced with 2 electric motors, accompanied by lithium-ion batteries
Phantom Experimental Electric was introduced in 2011.Hai electric motor on Phantom EE creates a capacity of 394 horsepower and Maximum torque 800 nm. Compared to the original V12 6.75L engine of Phantom, the electric motor block is less than 65 horsepower but the force is better than 80 horsepower. Evert this model only in the form of testing products, Rolls-Royce received Disting into the disadvantages of Phantom EE is a limited range of movement, long charging time and battery life is only about 3 years.Vision Next 100 continues to be the second test product of Rolls-Royce in the tram segment. After Phantom EE, Rolls-Royce continues to bring customers Vision Next 100 with the 103Ex code in 2016. With the EX suffix behind the name, Rolls-Royce still view Vision Next 100 is a test product and no Commercial production intent.Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 has a modern design style but still retains the familiar style that has made the name of Rolls-Royce. The design of Vision NEXT 100 is quite large with a length of up to 5
9 m and 1.6 m high, equivalent to Phantom base axle long. About strength, Rolls-Royce equipped with this test car 2 electric motors with a capacity of 340 horsepower. Noticeable points on Vision Next 100 can be mentioned as 28-inch wheels, clam shell open doors and traditional style, Macassar woodworking furniture ... according to the plan, Rolls-Royce will introduce details Plan to produce super luxury cars tomorrow (September 29). The British automaker calls this a new chapter in the history of brand development. Rolls-Royce founder has predicted the trend of using electric cars Rolls-Royce brand founded by 2 men as Charles Rolls and Henry Royce, in which Royce is in charge of production and Rolls assums a role in looking for customers. Before combined with Henry Royce to establish a Rolls-Royce brand, Charles Rolls owned a Car The Columbia Electric Carriage in 1897. The other car price of October 2021: Kia K3 on the shelfCharles Rolls owned The first electric car was 20 years old. In an interview in 1900, Rolls predicted the future of electric automobile industry: "The electric car is completely quiet and clean. It doesn't smell or vibrate Motor verbs, and sure they will become very popular when it is possible to arrange fixed power charging stations. But in the present time, I don't think they will be the available choice - at least in Years to the coming years ".mazda CX-5 2022 closed at 856 million, not only said, Charles Rolls built a charging station at his car showroom on a fullham street (UK) to support charging for cars Brougham power was in vogue at the time.Do the inconveniences of the tram on that stage, Rolls-Royce only focused on inner combustion engines. Si Lver Ghost is the first product of the Rolls-Royce brand that is noticed with users, this model uses a gasoline engine with the ability to produce a capacity of 30 horsepower. Volkswagen car price in October 2021: Add products New products in 1925, Silver Ghost are replaced by Phantom cars. Since then, Rolls-Royce Phantom is one of the cars that create the name of the brand car from the UK. Audi car price in October 2021, Rolls-Royce's product range is posted on The company's website consists of 8 models, from Sedan Phantom to SUV Cullinan. Each Rolls-Royce created is personalized according to the employer's preferences, which the capital makes exclusive for each vehicle. Vinh Phuc / Zing

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