Rolls-royce’s Giants In Vietnam Every Vehicle Maintenance Cost?

The maintenance package of the super to Rolls-Royce car in Vietnam also has the same items of other common cars but the price is very high.02 / 1: 52 nam 0000: 00/01: 00 is shaped As a super car brand in the world, a Rolls-Royce in Vietnam when returning to water will have a few tens of billions of VND. Accordingly, the cost of maintenance, taking care of the cars from this luxury brand is not cheap at all, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ho Chi Minh City announced official vehicle maintenance packages at Vietnam market. The brand representative said there will be two typical packages including basic Rolls-Royce maintenance and enhanced expansion maintenance with the price of VND 120.5 million and VND 275 million respectively

. The time limit of these 2 maintenance packages is 2 years. The maintenance package of the super to Rolls-Royce in Vietnam also has the same items of other common cars. Basic, maintenance package of Rolls- Royce also has the same items of other popular cars, including: Replacing engine oil, replacing cooling solution, replacing brake brake, air filter
.. director of after-sales service block Rolls-Royce Motor Cars HCM - Mr. Malarvanan Murugaiah said, a super to Rolls-Royce car is recommended to periodically check once / year. Vietnam market, Rolls-Royce is the first super luxury brand public price Can the maintenance package. In 2018, the Rolls-Royce Vietnam distribution unit also announced a specific price list for cars being distributed in the country.Rolls-Royce began to be genuine distributed in Vietnam market since 2013 , Through Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Hanoi, Regal Automobile Joint Stock Company. After 7 years, ie in October 2020, this agent announced the operation stop. After 2 months, s

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