Ronaldo And Disqualified Ambitions In The Golden Ball Race

Cristiano Ronaldo aims to cross Lionel Messi in the golden ball race but it is difficult to come true by the increasing influence on the decline of CR7.0: 00/5: 44 namba domains day before the golden ball awards , Editor-in-Chief France Football Pascal Ferrer shared with New York Times: "Ronaldo has only a unique ambition to retire with more golden balls than Messi. I know this because he told me." Wait until CR7 retires, the Portuguese superstar perspective over Messi in this noble personal title race also shows impossibleness. El Pulga is likely to win the 7th golden ball in the career in the gala award to take place at 2:30 am on November 30 (Hanoi hour)

. Ronaldo has just spent a frustrated match against Chelsea, and about to With the prospect of losing space at Old Trafford. Ronaldo's influence is gradually declining in MU. Photo: Getty
It's a spot of Rangnick that accepts physical and tactical institutions, being out of a great battle like Chelsea is still difficult to accept with a superstar like CR7. He was only launched in the 64th minute. Just 5 minutes after being equalized, Mu was equalized by Chelsea. In about 30 minutes on the field, Ronaldo did not have any significant contributions. Ronaldo's best chance comes to escape from the left borders at the end of the game, but the slow day of the superstery is born in 1985 by Thiago Silva and easily blocked the day. Quong did not launch any shot, lost every dispute. It was the superstar who knew she played poorly when he went straight to the locker room after the match ended. Ronaldo's uncomfortable gestures are not new to the giants. The old teammate in Real Madrid once recognized a Real 4-5 goals winning a match that would not be perfect if Ronaldo did not score. He often irresmanses with his teammates without passing the ball and always raising his hand, even if he stands away from the goal
Jonathan Wilson's Guardian's penetrates that Ronaldo turns every British club to FC Ronaldo also because of this reason. Ralf Rangnick's appearance in the coming time is considered to be able to put an end to the dependence on MU Ronaldo. In a draw with Chelsea, MU played with a deep squad with two spearheaded Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford, with the aim of making the most of Chelsea's high-rise space behind the gaps. Sancho and Rashford are positive. Returning to the defense in the first half, maintaining the inner corridor area of "Red Devils". If Ronaldo is on the field, CR7's ability to do this is not high. The Portuguese superstar belongs to the most lazy Pressing player in the Premier League, and chooses to keep the strength to take advantage in the area of 1/3 at the end of the field instead of defending on the home field.Ole Solskjaer did not dare to push Ronaldo From the starting lineup, Rangnick has. The scenario of CR7 loses the place under the time the German army is completely feasible. This means that the gender will be difficult to see Ronaldo shines regularly like the past 15 years. Location for CR7 could be a bench, like the way he was fired in front of Chelsea. Output from this little time to contribute this will definitely not much. Money label effect: Ronaldo is hard to racing the peak personal title with a playback time of a reserve player.Ronaldo is hard to become him The Golden Ball King hopes to overcome Messi in the number of golden balls that require CR7 to have at least 2 times to stand at the top of the world (Calculate the case of a white Messi at the awards ceremony in Paris tonight). This is not feasible When MU is playing in a long time. And Ronaldo itself no longer maintains a great influence on the collective as the Real Madrid shirt. At the age of 36, Ronaldo is gradually showing a clear effect on age. Ronaldo on top of the world is now the story of the past. Photo: Getty. You become a striker sample with a banned zone when moving less and only actually participates in the same gameplay in the end of 1/3. Let Ronaldo scoring and win the golden ball thanks to this type of gameplay is a relatively impossible thing.Karim Benzema or Robert Lewandowski, the centers are evaluated to have the opportunity to hold the golden balls are the participants Go to the general gameplay across the field length. Real Madrid's gameplay or Bayern Munich will meet big problems if these two stars are absent. Benzema and Lewandowski, Ronaldo will then lose to Messi. Despite age, El Pulga still creates a great influence on his teammates. The hat-trick tectonic recently helped PSG beat St Etienne 3-1 as a testament to the ability to raise Messi's teammates. In the national level, Messi is the soul in Argentina's gameplay. The Copa America championship is a highlight. CR7 is the king of moments. But looking at long steam process, rarely dare to build a team around Ronaldo and succeed in VI

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