Ronaldo: ‘don’t Play With My Name’

Too frustrating because of the lossy information related to his future for many days, Cristiano Ronaldo recently had to go to the personal page to write 'Mindful' in: 00/1: 59 namronaldo domain Juventus teammates prepared for the new season. But these days, communications in Spain and Italy have continuously posted information about CR7 that are likely to leave Turin team right in this transfer period to return to play for Real Madrid and It is also possible that PSG or Man City.Ronaldo posted the correct article on the pressing page before a series of unpredictable information, Ronaldo "wrote the mind" letter on the personal page to correct. The article content on the personal page of the 36-year-old superstar: "Anyone who knows how I understand how I focus on my work. Say less and do a lot, it's my victory formula

. However, witnessing what the media said and wrote about me all over the past few days, I was forced to speak up. More than the lack of respect for me as a man and a football player, the way my future was stir-fried with cooking really is disrespectful to all related clubs, Both their players and staff. The story at Real Madrid ended
It is expressed through numbers, achievements, records and titles. I know that Real Fans still love me and me too. I always remember how kindly I was treated at the Royal Club. But according to the recent Spanish sources, I was assigned to moving to a lot of teams from many different tournaments. It is worth mentioning that none of us tries to find the truth. I broke the silence to say that I didn't allow anyone to joke with my name. I will continue hard and professional as the way I did through career, prepared for all the upcoming challenges. What else? It is only rumors, all of which are unfounded ". Ronaldo's corrupted part said that the Portuguese star will stay at Juventus at least another season. On August 22, Ronaldo And the teammates will have the first match at the first round of Serie A to meet Udinese on the away field

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