Ronaldo Eat Another Person, Don’t Eat Expensive Clothes!

Ronaldo about 37 years old still reaches the top form. The diet is the secret and more surprised when Ronaldo doesn't eat expensive! 0:00 / 2: 02 South Vietnam tonight, the whole village will head to Ronaldo's second debut with Ronaldo with MU at Old Trafford, after 12 years in the match against Newcastle. Coach Solskjaer confirmed this. Ronaldo is about to have 37 years old still has the top body of the world's football village thanks to the diet, a scientist resting, why the person who returns to MU is the deal of 'disturbance' Concession to the summer of 2021, with an agreement with a 2-year period of time with the option to add 12 months. Many players hanging their shoes or falling at the age of 30 but with CR7, the actual age is not a problem

. The diet is the secret to Ronaldo is still playing with the world level. So what exactly did CR7 eat and drink what? Old chef Giorgio Barone, who accompanies Ronaldo for 3 years in Juventus, has revealed what 4-year-old father, providing energy for the body. Attention, whether rich, Ronaldo did not eat expensive clothes
Ronaldo's girl and the children also eat according to the healthy menu, science "without expensive things, but are healthy foods. I use organic and natural foods - fish, chicken, meat, eggs, butter, coconut oil and black rice. I cook with coconut oil. And it is important to drink plenty of filtering water. Of course, all are combined with hard workout. But rest is also the basic thing like exercise and nutrition - even in the afternoon. Have dinner early, avoid eating late. You have to take care of your body as if taking care of a Ferrari ". , this chef also worries that the menu and the children of the superstars of the suprodna. People often eat lean protein dishes, the originals of whole seeds and salads, avoid sugar, fat and carbohydrates
This helps slow down the decline due to age, while burning calories. Besides eating according to strict diet, Ronaldo also performs science rest with short naps (5 times / day ). And people have to respond to Ronaldo because of the determination, the will to strive for non-stop, must always be the best with himself! LH

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